A trip to Russia to study the language
is easier than you think! We will guide you through all the stages:

from helping you to choose the most suitable course and accommodation types
Natalia Pavlova
Head of the Russian Language School
through visa support and the pre-arrival arrangements
Maria Rafikova
Booking Manager
to the moment you come to us on your first day
Elena Molodykh
Academic Director
and through the whole of your stay in St Petersburg
Ekaterina Bubnova
Social Program Coordinator
till your very last glance at the city from a taxi taking you to the airport
Elena Davydova
Accommodation and Transfer Manager
We are here to help you to take the maximum
out of your Russian language course
Below, we give you a brief summary of
3 easy steps you make
to arrange a language trip to St Petersburg  
Why you should choose St. Petersburg
Why is St. Petersburg
absolutely worth visiting?
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Why is St. Petersburg
absolutely worth visiting?

Wherever you are from, you won’t have any difficulties to get to St. Petersburg.

Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg is one of the biggest hubs in Russia with:

  • over 8 million of international passenger traffic;
  • over 160 direct flight destinations;
  • about 70 airlines that have direct flights to St. Petersburg (e.g. Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Emirates).

Being a big tourist destination, St. Petersburg is among top-10 safest cities in Russia.

With hundreds of shops, pubs and restaurants open 24/7, you will feel equally safe at day and night.

For sure, there are some districts that you’d better not go at midnight alone and drunk shouting offenses, but we will show you those on your first day.

St. Petersburg is usually considered to be the cultural capital of Russia. You will definitely be able to choose something to your liking:

  • 180 churches and cathedrals;
  • 200 museums (the worldwide famous Hermitage Museum is among them);
  • 90 theaters (if you want to enjoy the true Russian ballet, make sure you buy a ticket to Mariinskij Theatre in advance).

Unlike in Europe, all shops, cafes and restaurants in St. Petersburg are open at weekends.

The cost of living is quite reasonable, and your every-day expenses will be of about 20 euro per day (provided you do not dine in posh restaurants and go to Mariinskij daily).

And even if you do not know a single word in Russian, you won’t get lost – all signs in the metro and street names are also written in English.

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Why you should choose us
Why is Derzhavin Institute
you best choice?
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Why is Derzhavin Institute
you best choice?

We are constantly searching for opportunities to improve the quality of all the services we provide. We are now officially accredited by:

  • Russian Ministry of Education;
  • Bildungsurlaub.

Check more details here.

  • We are located in the historic heart of St. Petersburg, in a beautiful 19th century building.
  • We are a part of a student district with several big universities near the school, which means that the prices are more reasonable here than in the tourist center.
  • At the same time, we are just 2 metro stops from the main street – Nevskij Prospect, and 20 minutes walking from Mariinskij Theatre.

See more about our school facilities here.

  • Our students’ feedback consistently attests to our excellent academic standards and services.
  • Although Russian is the only language spoken in the classrooms, most of our teachers and staff speak several languages. Thus, in case any difficulties in communication arise, we all are willing and able to help students understand.
  • Most of the study materials used in the classrooms were written by our teachers.

You can check the real students’ feedback:

We will highly appreciate it if you leave your feedback on one of these recourses after your course with us!

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Choose your program
What exactly can the school offer?
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What exactly can the school offer?

We have a variety of courses, and you can easily choose the one to suit your needs:

Check all the courses that we offer here.

We offer a wide range of accommodation types:

  • homestays;
  • shared apartments;
  • guest houses;
  • hotels

We take great care in choosing and monitoring the accommodations we provide, and will take care of all possible problems that might occur.

Booking an arrival transfer with us, you won’t have to worry about getting and finding your accommodation.

On the first day of classes, students receive a list of social activities with dates and prices, if any. These social activities include:

  • visits to museums,
  • tours in and around St. Petersburg,
  • parties,
  • theatre trips.

These activities enable students to practice Russian in social settings and gain an in-depth understanding of Russian cultural traditions.

Check the program for this month here.

Almost every foreigner needs a visa to enter Russia. Getting a visa is much easier than you think:

  • get an invitation from the school (or from your friends/hotel/employer);
  • fill in a visa application form and schedule an appointment in the local Embassy or Consulate;
  • apply for a visa in the local Embassy or Consulate;
  • get your visa.

For further details, please see our visa guide, or contact us.

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We will help you with all possible issues
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We will help you with all possible issues

Most of the students travel alone and you can easily make friends here.

On the first day we arrange an orientation walk that ends in a café, where you can chat with the staff and the new students informally.

There is also a common area in the school where students meet during coffee breaks (by the way, tee and coffee are free of charge)

In our Language Tandem meeting you can meet some Russian friends and have even more speaking practice with them.

If you do not get a visa in time, your program could be rescheduled without any surcharges to start no later than December 1st of the current calendar year.

But in our experience 99% of student get the visas without any problems.

If you have to cancel the program and you inform the school with a minimum of 1 week’s notice in written form, the total sum of the pre-payment is refunded with the exception of the cancellation fee of 100 euros.

Please check our cancellation policy here.

The school takes great care to monitor the students’ satisfaction with all the services provided.

But if you feel uncomfortable in your class or accommodation we have easy and clear procedures how to change your group or course type or accommodation.

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