Along with the quality of education, accommodation seems to be one of the main factors that determines students` comfort and happiness in a foreign country.
In order to meet the diversity of students` requirements and needs, we offer a wide range of accommodation types:

  • Homestays
  • Studio appartments/Guest house
  • Shared flats
  • Hostels, hotels and apart hotels

We take great care in choosing and monitoring the accommodations we provide.

Staying in our accommodations is like staying with your granny – we will take care of any issue that might occur in your accommodation and will save you if :

  • it is too hot or too cold
  • there are too many moscitoes
  • there are smocking neighbours, etc.

Accommodation manager is available 24/7.

Emergency numbers are available 24/7.

The policy of changing the accommodation is quite clear and easy to follow.

If, for any reason, you want to have a different place, we will arrange that within a couple of days.

Please check more details about the cancellation policy here.

If you book an arrival transfer, you will be taken directly to the doors of your accommodation and do not have to worry about flight delays, taxis or public transport.


  • One way transfer – 40 euro
  • Both ways transefer – 80 euro
  • If you are coming in a high season, you will enjoy most reasonable prices for our accommodations.
  • In a low season we have discounts ofup to 25% for our shared flats and guest house.

Please check the currest special offers here.

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