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Dostoevsky and the temples in his life

Today we celebrate Dostoevsky day in Russia. The theme of religion runs through all the writer’s works.

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In Russia, the celebration of Mother’s Day is very recent, it was established by the president of the Russian Federation, Boris Eltsin, in 1998 and since then it is celebrated every year in November.


27.11.2019 16:32

С днём рождения, Дед Мороз!

November 18th is an important day in russian culture. On this day in Russia they celebrate Ded Moroz’s birthday.
But who is Ded Moroz? Let’s talk about him!

10.10.2019 16:04

Every year on August 22, Russia celebrates the Russian Federation State Flag Day, established on August 20, 1994. On this day Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the Presidential Decree No. 1714, stating that the flag day should be celebrated on August 22, in honor of the restoration of the historical flag of Russia during the August events of 1991.

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This weekend was the first of many that I will be spending in Saint Petersburg during my three month stay at the Derzhavin institute. Due to the torrential rain which had been assailing the city all week, I had less of a chance than I would have liked for sightseeing. With relatively good weather forecast for the weekend I was determined to make up for lost time….

14.08.2019 16:09

After spending the previous night seeing one the more unusual attractionside which St Petersburg has to offer I spent the next day on a rather more traditional trip…

14.08.2019 16:03

According to the weather forecast, Sunday was meant to be another day of the kind of wetness and gloom I had hoped to escape when I left England…

14.08.2019 15:59

If you’ve ever walked down Nevskii Prospect you’ve probably already seen the Eliseevskii emporium. If you haven’t, you’re sure to notice it the first time you do…

14.08.2019 15:54

If you`re going to be studying in Derzhavin for a while, let`s say more than a month, you might be considering a trip to Moscow for a change of scenery…

14.08.2019 15:45

Putting the spotlight on some of the best places to eat in St Pete`s.

14.08.2019 15:43

In today`s post I`ll be asnwering two questions: where to buy gifts for fellow students of Russian and where to buy more traditional souvenirs.

14.08.2019 15:28

If you want to get around St Petersburg quickly, cheaply and easily you`ll want to get to know the metro…

14.08.2019 15:22

I think few people would argue with me if I said that Russian is a pretty difficult language to learn It’s only natural therefore, that all students of Russian encounter difficulties in their studies at some point…

14.08.2019 15:18

Here’s the definitive list of places to visit in St Petersburg if you`re looking for a bit of extra, supernatural assistance with Russian, finances or life in general.

14.08.2019 15:14

Everyone knows that, whilst Russian grammar can be very complicated, it normally follows strict, logical rules with only a few exceptions. This is not really one of those cases…

14.08.2019 15:10

Whether your aim is to sound like a native of St Petersburg or the opposite – to keep your Russian clear and region neutral – here are some words you should know about…

14.08.2019 15:03

Today we’ll be looking at majorities, minorities and numbers, and why they’re all incredibly confusing!

14.08.2019 14:58

If your visit to the Derzhavin Institute will be your first time in a Russian speaking country it’s be a good idea to get acquainted with some of the common phrases that’ll you’ll hear when you’re out and about before you arrive.

14.08.2019 14:55

If you are planning your trip to Derzhavin institute, don`t worry: Russia is a civilized country, and you could buy everything you need here.  In Saint-Petersburg we have a lot of 24 hours` supermarkets, so you could buy all necessary cosmetics, food, and even clothes on your arrival. So you don`t need to take kilograms of unnecessary things with you. But there are some things that you`ve better to take with you. Here you could find a packing list for your trip.

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During my last trip to St Petersburg, I was lucky enough to experience first hand the Russian Banya. I was unsure at first but eventually, after some convincing from my veteran Banya-going friend from France, I decided to give it a try. A group of 6 of us from 5 different countries arrived at Vladimirskaya metro station and went straight to the shops to buy beer and snacks (My personal favourites being Baltika 7, dried calamari rings and anchovies). Following this, we entered the unassuming building and I saw that there were many floors, each housing a different method of relaxation, like…

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Being a vegetarian while living abroad can be difficult. Sometimes, it can feel like the only thing on the menu for you is a plate of Овощи гриль (grilled vegetables). But you need not worry if you’re living in Saint-Petersburg – the city is full of fantastic vegetarian (and even vegan) restaurants and cafes. All you have to do is find them!

13.08.2019 21:54

Cinema has always been an important aspect of Russian culture. Lenin is said to have asserted that, of all the art forms, the most important of all was that of cinema («… вы должны твердо помнить, что из всех искусств для нас важнейшим является кино»). 

13.08.2019 21:50

This weekend, the International Festival of Coffee and Tea will come to St. Petersburg! In preparation for this event, read this article to learn more about Russia’s tea and coffee traditions! You can also find a copy of the festival’s programme in English at the bottom of this post.

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Every year on the 1st September, Russia celebrates the ‘Day of Knowledge’ (День Знаний). The holiday bears such a name due to the fact that the day marks the end of summer, the beginning of autumn and, most importantly, the new academic year for students. In other words, the season of long summer days at the Dacha (summerhouse) has ended, and a new year of early-wakeups and homework has begun!

13.08.2019 21:44

The 3rd of September marks the 76th birthday of Sergei Dovlatov, a writer who rose to fame in the West during the 1970s but who, very sadly, died far too young at the age of 49. Read this post to find out more about Dovlatov, including information about a forthcoming film about the author!

13.08.2019 21:41

Peter the Great brought about many radical changes during his reign. But why exactly did he want his people to stop having beards? Read this post to find out the answer to this question!

13.08.2019 21:38

Next week, a festival will take place at Peterhof to celebrate the closing of its fountains. This annual event is always a hit amongst tourists and tickets are limited. This is why we have written this post – to give you plenty of time to plan your trip!

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On this day in 1941, the Germans began their 872-day Siege on the city of Leningrad, as part of their effort to bring down the Eastern Front in World War II.

13.08.2019 16:14

In Russia you can see seemingly strange dishes on display at canteens and cafes. We hope that after reading this post these feelings of yours will disappear and you will be inspired to try some Russian delicacies!

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Unity Day – What is it and how will Saint Petersburg celebrate?

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YouTube is a goldmine of resources for learning foreign languages, and Russian is no exception. In this post, we recommend six specific channels for Russian learners. Read the descriptions, watch sample clips, and decide for yourself which ones will be most helpful and interesting to you.
13.08.2019 15:59

The Russian realist writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev was born on November 9, 1818. In honor of his 199th birthday, read about his life and ten of his most famous quotes in Russian and English! 

13.08.2019 15:50
Not only is music the international language, it’s also a great way to learn a foreign language! Listening to music in Russian can help improve your listening, your vocabulary and even your grammar – the lyrics will get stuck in your head in the correct cases and conjugations. 
In this post, we’ll look at three popular Russian artists who all have concerts in Saint Petersburg this month (Градусы, Ленинград and Баста). Get a taste of their music, read some of their lyrics in Russian with their translation, and find out where to buy tickets if you want to see them live. 
13.08.2019 15:47
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky is considered one of the greatest and most significant writers, not only of Russia, but of the world. Find out what’s on in Saint Petersburg to  celebrate the 196th anniversary of his birth (November 11), learn about his life and read ten of his most famous quotes, in Russian with their translations. Crime and Punishment might still above your Russian level, but see if you can understand something from these quotes! 
13.08.2019 15:45
Among the most important attractions (or, everyone’s favorite Russian word, достопримечательности) in Saint Petersburg are its cathedrals and churches, each with a different style and story. Read more about five of the most important cathedrals in the city.
13.08.2019 15:39
In previous posts, we’ve looked at some websites and materials aimed at learners of Russian. While these are invaluable resources, they have their limitations. To really learn the language, you need to listen to and read a lot in “real” Russian aimed at native speakers. The good news is there is an endless amount of listening and reading material in Russian available for free online about any topic you can imagine, and everyone can find something that interests and motivates them if they know where to look.
13.08.2019 15:36
Between Russian classes, homework, new friends, and sightseeing, you’ll have plenty to do in Saint Petersburg, but don’t forget to exercise! Besides helping you stay healthy, exercise is a great way to meet people, make local friends, practice your Russian no matter what your level is, and relieve stress. In this post, we’ll introduce you to some possibilities of where you can exercise in Saint Petersburg, and where you can look to find the club or activity that most appeals to you. 
13.08.2019 15:33
Hockey (хоккей) is without question one of the most popular sports in Russia, and Saint Petersburg’s team, SKA, is the defending champion and top-ranked team in the league. If you are in Russia between late August and mid-April, be sure to try to catch a match! Whether you’re an avid fan or can’t tell a puck from a stick, it’s an exciting, memorable and inexpensive Russian experience. The next home game is December 19th. Read on to find out more about the team and where you can buy tickets, and learn some Russian hockey cheers.
13.08.2019 15:31
In a previous post, we looked at some great online resources for reading in Russian, but since you’ve come all the way to one of the most literary cities in the world, it would be a shame not to take advantage of Saint Petersburg’s ubiquitous bookstores and pick up some books to take home with you. In this post, we suggest a few books or series of books that might be of interest to Russian learners, as well as introduce some of the bookstores in the city. 
13.08.2019 15:28
In a previous post, we looked at some great online resources for reading in Russian, but since you’ve come all the way to one of the most literary cities in the world, it would be a shame not to take advantage of Saint Petersburg’s ubiquitous bookstores and pick up some books to take home with you. In this post, we suggest a few books or series of books that might be of interest to Russian learners, as well as introduce some of the bookstores in the city. 
13.08.2019 15:26

The World Travel Awards – or the “Oscars of tourism” – recently announced this year’s winners in a wide range of categories, and Saint Petersburg was awarded three of the ceremony’s most coveted prizes, including World’s Leading City Destination 2017!

13.08.2019 15:20
If you’re a prospective student wondering what options to expect, or a current student looking for some more lunchtime inspiration, read this post to learn more about where you can eat around Derzhavin Institute.
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Considered to be one the greatest of Russia’s poets, Anna Akhmatova, is a symbol of Russia and guardian of its culture and language. Born in 1889 in Odessa, her family quickly took up residence in Tsarskoye Selo outside Saint Petersburg, the city in which she would later reside for the greater part of her life. As a daughter of Russia, impacted by the time period in which she lived, her works reflected the changing tides of Russia by critically and poignantly confronting Stalinist Terror, World War II, and the subsequent Russian Thaw. 

13.08.2019 15:08

Wherever you go on March 8, you will be sure to see an abundance of flowers. Flowers in the hands of women, children and grandmothers. Flowers lining the streets. Flowers being passed out in cafes and shops. Bouquets wrapped and on delivery. Flowers, gifts and beauty are on every corner, and it is quite possible you will come across special events being held in honor of women and femininity. Around the streets you will hear congratulations, and, if you are a woman, may even receive congratulations or flowers of your own from strangers and business alike.

13.08.2019 15:05

Similar to other countries with such long histories, the Russian government has undergone various complete transformations. From early Rus, to the time of the Tsars, to a revolution that birthed the Soviet Union and finally the restructuring into a democratic Russian Federation. The mark of any democracy is the establishment of a free and competitive election process. That is what makes 18 March 2018 a day of significance, the Russian Federation Presidential elections.

13.08.2019 14:54

There’s no denying it – the weather in St. Petersburg is….challenging (to put it lightly). If you’ve come (or are planning to come) to Derzhavin Institute in Saint Petersburg to study, you’ll need to start thinking about how to survive the cold winter months in the city. The temperatures can drop to as low as minus 30 degrees celsius, and snow can start to fall as early as October (in 2016, the first snowfall happened on October 26th). Therefore, we recommend getting acquainted with some winter vocabulary and stocking up on winter clothing in advance!

13.08.2019 14:51

Although remembering idioms is not always that easy, you cannot deny that idioms are one of the more interesting parts of learning a new language. We have collected for you some of the more unusual idioms and idiomatic phrases, as well as trivia related to each of them. Enjoy!

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Forget your 300 rouble lattes or mochas – a time café can offer you much more for your money! Read on to find what exactly a ‘time café’ is, where the idea came from, and where to find such places in Saint Petersburg!

12.08.2019 22:04

There are endless advantages to learning Russian. It can lead to more career opportunities, it can help you when you travel, it can even help keep your brain healthy for longer. But, that’s not to say that learning Russian doesn’t come without its difficulties. Whether you’ve only just started learning Russian, or you’ve been learning it for a few years, you’ll know how easy it is to get mixed up and make a mistake. We’ve gathered some of our favourite mistakes and have listed them below – hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll avoid making these (often embarrassing) mistakes in the future!


12.08.2019 22:01

Founded by Catherine the Great and boasting over 4 million paintings, sculptures, documents, artifacts, and other items, the Hermitage Museum is the largest collection of art in Russia and one of the largest in the world. It is well worth a visit any time, but if you don’t have plans, consider going this Thursday – the first Thursday of every month is free to all visitors.

12.08.2019 21:58
With its wide streets and flat terrain, Saint Petersburg is a great place to get around on bicycle. It’s already starting to get colder, but winter isn’t here yet! So hurry up and take advantage of the fall weather to explore the sights and see the city from a different perspective. Learn where and how to go biking in Saint Petersburg.
12.08.2019 21:55
This Sunday (October 8th) would be the 125th birthday of Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941), one of the most important Russian poets of the 20th century. In her memory, learn about her life and read ten of her most famous quotes in Russian and in English. Which quote is your favorite?
12.08.2019 21:52
With more than 150 spectacular fountains, 32 museums, and over 400 hectares of parks and gardens, Peterhof Palace Complex is one of the most popular attractions around Saint Petersburg, and for good reason! This past Saturday, our students got to see the splendor of this UNESCO World Heritage Site for themselves on an unforgetable excursion organized by Derzhavin Institute.
If you missed it, don’t worry – there’s still another week before the fountains turn off for the winter, and after that, the entrance to the Lower Gardens is free of charge. Learn more about Peterhof and what you can see there.
12.08.2019 21:50
Students frequently ask about cell phones (моби́льный телефо́н) and SIM cards (сим-ка́рта) in Russia: How do they get one? How much do they cost? Is it worth it? Read on to find out.
12.08.2019 21:47
While you’ll certainly learn a lot of Russian in class, it’s even more important to practice and build on what you learn outside of class. Whether you’re thinking about coming to Russia, studying here now, or already back home, there are countless ways to improve your Russian with the help of the single greatest foreign language learning tool ever invented: the internet. 
In this series, we’ll help you sort through some of the best resources available for Russian language learners and give you some tips for how to make the most of them so that the time you spend studying Russian is as efficient and as enjoyable as possible. 
In this first post of the series, we’ll introduce you to three resources that will allow you to 1) learn to type quickly in Russian, 2) look up any grammatical form of any Russian word, and 3) quickly translate any word on any website in Russian and make flashcards of new vocabulary. 
12.08.2019 21:43
Public transportation in Saint Petersburg is well developed and easy to use. It includes the metro (метро or метрополитен), buses (автобус), trams (трамвай), trolleys (троллейбус), route taxis (маршрутка), and electric local trains (электричка). There are also trains (поезд) to other cities. In this post, we’ll discuss important things to know about the metro system and how to use it. Other methods of transportation will be covered in a future post.
12.08.2019 21:41

With over 200 museums to be found in Saint Petersburg, the most well known is the Hermitage. While the Hermitage, Russian Museum, and The Peter and Paul Fortress deserve a visit or two from anyone who spends time in the city, these museums are certainly not the only ones that should spark your interest. Here are my personal top five less visited museums in Saint Petersburg, with a few honorable mentions!

12.08.2019 21:38

When you think of theater in Russia, most likely the Russian Ballet performing Swan Lake comes into your mind. With images of the elaborate beauty of the classic Mariinsky Theatre, you can be transported back into a time of unparalleled elegance. As the cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg is home to both classical and modern theatre companies known and respected throughout Russia and the world. Music theatres, ballet and opera theatres, puppet theatres and drama theatres all have something unique to offer. 

12.08.2019 21:36

Nikolai Gogol, born 31 March 1809, would go on to become one of the most renowned and influential Russian writers. Gogol can be claimed as the founder of realist literature, laying the groundwork for Russian prose that would influence great writers after him. However, it was in his surrealist writings that Gogol produced some of his most original and celebrated works that delved deep into the darker side of society by comically combing the fantastic with the grotesque.

12.08.2019 21:33

Saint Petersburg is a city of culture, history, architecture with delicious food and drink. During a long day of exploring the city, or if you find yourself simply needing to escape from the cold, there is not much better than sitting down in an quaint café and enjoying good conversation with a great cup of coffee. If you are traveling through Saint Petersburg delicious cafes are on just about every street corner. To be sure that you make the most out of your caffeine selection, here is a list of some of the best cafes for ambiance, comfort and of course, quality! 

12.08.2019 21:31

Novgorod is one of Russia`s oldest cities and has, through its centuries of existence, played an immeasurably important role in Russian history and the development of Russia as a state. The Derzhavin institute often organises trips to the city as part of its cultural program but, seeing as Novgorod is a considerable distance away from St Petersburg, students often wonder whether it is worth their time to travel there or not. If this sounds like you, then read on; the points in this post will help you to make a decision.

12.08.2019 21:27

On May 9th 1945 (Moscow ime) Nazi Germany officially surrendered and the war in Europe ended. This day, known is Russia as День Победы (Victory Day), has a special place not only in Russian history but also in modern Russian society and culture. In this blog post you’ll learn about how Russians celebrate this holiday and about the special events that will be held in its honour this year in St Peterburg.

12.08.2019 21:25

Memorising the difference in meaning between verbs with the same root and different prefixes can be tricky. This blog is here to help with that process, starting with the most obvious candidate – verbs formed from помнить (to remember).

12.08.2019 21:22

Take a look at this following sentence:

“Мария гуляла в парке с 7 собаками”

If you’re not 100% sure how you would say the number “7” here, then this article is for you.

12.08.2019 21:19

The Peter and Paul Fortress is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in St Petersburg and frequently features in the Derzhavin Institute’s cutural programme. In this blog post we’ll be taking a look at the history of the fortress, explaining what you can expect to see on a tour though the Derzhavin institute, as well as going into the details of a few of the less-well-known aspects of the museums for those who’ve already been there before.

12.08.2019 21:15

If you want to learn Russian properly, then reading regularly is an absolutely must. When we read, not only will we undoubtedly find new and unfamiliar words, but we also have the chance, unlike in real-time conversation,s to record these new words so they stick with us. Unfortunately for some, this very possibility can make reading quite a frustrating experience. Perfectionists like myself who need to know the meaning and nuances of every single word they meet may find themselves spending more time looking up new words than they do reading the actual book.

What can you do then if you just can’t bear to let a single word pass by unknown? Read on to find out…

12.08.2019 21:12

Ever wondered how кое-кто, кто-то, and кто-нибудь can all translate to someone in English and yet have completely different meanings in Russian? By the time you’ve finished reading this post you’ll be an expert in using the prefix кое- and the suffixes -то and -нибудь with this and other Russian question words.  

12.08.2019 16:17

Pull out your map of St Petersburg. Find the Derzhavin Institute and look slightly north west, just below where the Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge crosses the River Neva. Can you see the strange triangular shaped Island? That is Новая Голландия (New Holland).

12.08.2019 16:09

Looking for a more unusual way to practice your Russian skills? Why not try a quest?

12.08.2019 16:05

Two major icons of Russian culture celebrate their birthday today. Read on to find out who…

12.08.2019 16:02

Not too far from the institute are the blue, star-spotted domes of Troisky Cathedral. For many students who walk past the church their first question is the same, “What’s with the giant column of cannons out front?” 

12.08.2019 15:58

Interested in Russian film or music? Looking for something to do at the weekend? Check out the Russian film Leto!


12.08.2019 15:53

Time to look at some more verbs with prefixes. This time we’ll be looking at verbs created from the verb держать – to hold.

10.08.2019 23:24

Want to improve your conversational Russian skills? Check out this list of need to know Russian conversational phrases.

10.08.2019 23:21

Hear ye, hear ye! Good Ladies and gentle Sirs, it is time to raise your standards, don your finest garb, and head to the lists to enjoy that most regal of spectacles, ye olde medieval tournament!

09.08.2019 22:21

Whether it’s a quick friendly peck or a long passionate smooch, International Kissing Day is the perfect excuse to grab your loved ones and show them some love. There is a million different ways to deliver a kiss to those you care about, and on the 6th of July you can celebrate them all! Keep reading and to find out which are the 5 most romantic spots in Saint Petersburg to take your special someone and pucker up!

09.08.2019 22:17

Stereoleto Music Festival is a symbol of the city of Saint Petersburg and one of the most anticipated music events of the summer. Now in its 18thedition, Stereoleto Music Festival 2019 awaits all music lovers in Saint Petersburg for two unforgettable days of amazing music, lots of singing, dancing and fun!

09.08.2019 22:03

The Russian Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness, also commonly known as Petr’s and Fevronia’s Day is celebrated in all Russia on July 8 as a Russian alternative to St. Valentine’s Day. It was introduced in 2008 in honor of Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia, patrons of marriage and family, as well as symbols of love and fidelity.

09.08.2019 21:58

World Chocolate Day is observed on July 11 in Russia, famous for its fine chocolate all around the world. If you want to celebrate the sweetest day of the year buying some Russian chocolate, keep reading to find out how to choose the right kind for you and where to find it in Saint Petersburg!

09.08.2019 21:04

Besides being one of the biggest and most awaited music festivals of the summer, the VK Festival is also a perfect opportunity to explore Russian pop culture and watch the most famous bloggers, influencers, stars and entertainers in the country performing live. Don’t miss it on July 20 and 21 in St. Petersburg!

09.08.2019 20:57

This Sunday July 28, 2019 Russia will celebrate Navy Day, an official holiday celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July to honor the service of all Russian Navy heroes, veterans and active personnel.
Magnificent commemorative naval parades, demonstrations and simulated marine operations are held at naval bases all over the country, but the biggest event is happening here, in Saint Petersburg! But before I tell you all about it, here are some interesting facts about the history of this important holiday you might want to know in advance!

09.08.2019 20:36

Nowadays, Christianity is the major religion of the Russian Federation and on July 28 every year Russia celebrates the anniversary of a fundamental landmark in its history: the Baptism of Rus (Крещение Руси). It refers to the Christianization of Kievan Rus, conventionally set in the year 988, when Vladimir the Great was baptized in Chersonesus and proceeded to baptize his family and people in Kiev.

09.08.2019 15:39

So… you’re spending some time in Saint Petersburg, you didn’t know today was the International Friendship Day and now you have no idea where to take your best friends for a special afternoon? Don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll find the answer to all your problems in this article!

09.08.2019 15:29

One of the cutest holidays of the year, the International Cat Day takes place every year on August 8.  It should come as no surprise Russians celebrate this occasion, as they are among the biggest cat lovers in the world! In fact, according to a Dalia Research survey, 59% of the Russian respondents declared to have at least one cat. Keep reading to find out where you are most likely to meet one of these lovely furry inhabitants of Saint Petersburg!

09.08.2019 15:00

If you are fortunate to have visited St Petersburg during the summer you’ll notice 2 things. 1, the sun never really goes down all the way and it remains light for weeks, giving this period the name ‘White Nights’ (Белые ночи). And 2, there are many festivities one can attend as a result of this, such as Ballet at the Marinksy Theatre and Concert Hall or carnivals in the suburbs around St Petersburg. But perhaps the most famous festival of all during this time is The Scarlet Sails celebrationIf you are fortunate to have visited St

If you are fortunate to have visited St Petersburg during the summer you’ll notice 2 things. 1, the sun never really goes down all the way and it remains light for weeks, giving this period the name ‘White Nights’ (Белые ночи). And 2, there are many festivities one can attend as a result of this, such as Ballet at the Marinksy Theatre and Concert Hall or carnivals in the suburbs around St Petersburg.

03.04.2019 16:12

Easter, the most important and celebrated holiday for the Russian Orthodox Church, is observed based on the Julian calendar and often falls on a different Sunday than the Catholic or Protestant Easter. This year, the Russian Orthodox Easter will be celebrated 8 April. As in many countries, the Easter celebrations in Russia are full of significance, traditions, family and delicious Easter treats.

27.02.2019 12:25

If you’ve ever walked down Nevskii Prospect you’ve probably already seen the Eliseevskii emporium. If you haven’t, you’re sure to notice it the first time you do. Between its colourful window displays and its five storey high dark stone walls, adorned with green-bronze statues and detailing, you’d have a very hard time trying to miss Eliseevskii. Despite the shop’s size, when looking for souvenirs, only the first floor is really important. Here you will find one of the most ornately decorated food halls you’ve ever seen.

03.04.2019 15:50
Have you ever wondered where Russian language came from? Have you ever looked at its strange, unfamiliar words and its strange, unfamiliar letters and thought, “why is Russian so weird?”. In this three part blog series we’ll be trying to answer exactly that question by looking at the origins of spoken Russian and its writing system and how they have both changed and been reformed over time.
In this, the third and final post in our three part series, we’ll be looking at the sweeping changes the Bolsheviks made to written Russian after their rise to power, the effect that Soviet Rule had on everyday speech and accents, as well as the linguistic effects of the Soviet collapse.
15.08.2019 23:10
Have you ever wondered where Russian language came from? Have you ever looked at its strange, unfamiliar words and its strange, unfamiliar letters and thought, “why is Russian so weird?”. In this three part blog series we’ll be trying to answer exactly that question by looking at the origins of spoken Russian and its writing system and how they have both changed and been reformed over time.
In this, the second of our three part blog series, we’ll be looking at how modern Russian was born and how it replaced Church Slavonic as the main written language in Russia, as well as how the country’s most ambitious reformer, Peter the Great, left his mark on his people’s language.
03.04.2019 15:53
Have you ever wondered where Russian language came from? Have you ever looked at its strange, unfamiliar words and its strange, unfamiliar letters and thought, “why is Russian so weird?”. In this three part blog series we’ll be trying to answer exactly that question by looking at the origins of spoken Russian and its writing system and how they have both changed and been reformed over time.
In this, the first of our three part blog series, we’ll be looking at how Russians spoke before Russian existed and how writing first appeared in the lands that now make up western Russia.
03.04.2019 15:45

Attention music lovers! Are you looking for a place to get your swing on and show off your jazz hands? Then you might want to check out this short list of two of St Petersburg’s best jazz hotspots.

21.08.2018 15:58

When people first think about Russia, chances are their minds are first filled with images of Red Square, the Kremlin and the colorful tops of St. Basil`s Cathedral. Moscow, the heart and capital of Russia, can be recognized throughout the world. However, only in recent history has Moscow held the title of “capital,” and even then, one of Russia`s other great and well-known cities took its place.

15.08.2019 23:14

Cities are great and all but sometimes you want you want to get a little bit closer to nature. For all its strengths St. Petersburg`s streets can often seem overly devoid of anything green and growing. Fortunately it has plenty of amazing parks to make up for it.

09.08.2019 21:47

One of the many unusual but exciting holidays that Russia celebrates every year is “День рисования на асфальте”, literally “drawing-on-asphalt day”, which is observed on July 16. Not only is this holiday highly entertaining for both young and not so young people, it is also a fun way to appreciate this incredibly beautiful variety of street art.

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