Mr Alexander Mokhov

School Director
  • School founder
  • Responsible for school general management
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Elena Molodykh

Academic Manager
  • Course content or timetable
  • Group placement
  • Tests and progress assesment
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Natalia Pavlova

Head of the Russian
Language Department
  • Department general management
  • Agents’ enrollments
  • Problems with the programme or course
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Maria Rafikova

Booking manager
  • Direct bookings
  • Payments, invoices and documents
  • Visas and visa registrations
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Elena Davydova

Accommodation manager
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
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Maria Karepanova

Social Programme Coordinator
  • School activities and excursions
  • Extra trips or activities
  • Students’ welfare
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Every year on August 22, Russia celebrates the Russian Federation State Flag Day, established on August 20, 1994. On this day Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the Presidential Decree No. 1714, stating that the flag day should be celebrated on August 22, in honor of the restoration of the historical flag of Russia during the August events of 1991.

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