Who our courses are aimed at?

The Derzhavin Institute provides a variety of Russian language programs in St. Petersburg:

  • long-term and short-term Russian language courses
  • group and individual tuition
  • Variety of specialisation modules
  • Exam-preparatory course and TRKI exams
  • Internships

Courses are run at all levels throughout the year. We are glad to meet all the students’ needs and learning objectives by combining our courses to create an individual program of study.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn basic Russian language skills, an advanced student aiming for a top-level qualification in Russian language or to pass the state exams (TORFL Test of Russian as a Foreign Language), or an executive who needs to improve your standard of Russian language for professional purposes, Derzhavin Institute has the Russian course you need.

For over 14 years we’ve been teaching Russian, we made several observations that might seem obvious but that led us to the serious changes in the type of programmes that we offer:

  1. students are all different
  2. they have their own learning aims and reasons to study Russian
  3. and they are interested in different aspects of the language

And in 2018 we decided to offer a new system of the language course Smart Immersion Programmes.

  1. More flexible system: You can take groups courses 20, 24 or 28 lessons per week
  2. More personalized system: According to your individual learning aims, you can add specific immersion modules to your Standard course to make
    your own Smart Immersion Programme
  3. More combinability in the immersion modules: The convenient timetable of the immersion modules allows you to combine two language or specialization modules – that would help you get more, even in a very short stay

Step 1. Choose the Standard group course

Step 2. Add one or two Immersion modules depending on your needs and interests

Step 3. Make your own Smart Immersion Programme of 24 or 28 lessons per week

Choose the courses from the options below completing the on-line booking form


If you are not sure what programme will suit you better, contact us and we will do our best to find the most suitable programme.

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