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We have already started the lessons from our new webinar package but it is still possible to join!

The Derzhavin Institute has designed the new type of the online mini course. Now it is possible to join our webinars to get a chance to sort our all the difficulties with different grammar topics!

Our webinar packages include:

  • 4 webinars that are held twice a week in the evening.
  • online exercises as a homework.
  • 1 individual Skype lesson when all the webinars are over.
  • The duration of the lesson is 60 minutes.

Why is it useful and convenient?

  • you can study at home
  • you can sort out all the difficulties and problems with a particular grammar topic
  • after each webinar you have a chance to practice more doing our online exercises
  • we will provide you with a Skype lesson to clear up some things that seemed to be difficult. You can practice more with our teacher
  • all the webinars are prepared by highly qualified teachers
  • if you don't have a chance to watch the webinar online you can watch it later since we will give you an access to the video recording for the next 3!!! months
  • such packages are pretty cheap. The price is just 65 EUR
  • if you book our webinar package we are glad to give you an access to the video recordings of our previous webinar packages just for 35 EUR upon your request

The webinars are held every month. The Derzhavin Institute also organises free webinars two times per month.

Book the Skype lessons with us OR the next webinar package and get the previous webinar package videos for 35 EUR instead of 65 EUR!

1. Reflexive Verbs.
Teacher: Daria Kovrizhkina
Level: A2 +
Price: 35 EUR if you book the Skype lessons OR new webinar package
Normal price: 65 EUR
To get an access and payment link please email us at: soldatova@derzhavin.com

2. Participles
Teacher: Daria Kovrizhkina 
Level: A2 + 
Price: 35 EUR if you book the Skype lessons OR new webinar package 
Normal price: 65 EUR 
To get an access and payment link please email us at: soldatova@derzhavin.com


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Webinar database:

#  Teacher Topic Level Access

Tatiana Esmantova

The transitive verbs of motion

You will learn:

  • What do the transitive verbs mean in the Russian language 
  • What is the difference between вести-водить and везти- возить. 
  • How to use them in everyday situations correctly
B1+ free

The verbs of motion 

  You will learn:

  • What verbs belong to the group “verbs of motion”
  • What is the difference between two types of the verbs of motion: ходить, ездить vs. идти, ехать
  • How to use these verbs correctly
B1+  free


Larisa Vasilenkova

The Christmas traditions in Russia

You will learn:

  • Where do the Russian people celebrate Christmas holidays?
  • What holiday appeared earlier: Christmas or the New Year? 
  • Who is the main hero of both holidays? 
  • Why does he have a granddaughter? 
  • He was always kind to the people, wasn't he? 
  • Does he bring presents and gifts to all the kids?
  • How to know your future and make all your wishes to come true?
B1+ free

The etiquette rules: what to say and how to behave in every day situations in Russia

All the people come from different cultural backgrounds. While learning the foreign language it is very important to learn the rules of behavior in a particular cultural group and cultural society. Watch our webinar to learn the Russian rules of behavior in:

  • public transport
  • in the theatre
  • at school / university
  • you will also learn the meaning and history of some Russian gestures
A2+ free


Daria Kovrizhkina





The reflexive verbs

You will learn:

  • What do the reflexive verbs mean? Why do we use them in the Russian language?
  • What types of the reflexive verbs are there in the Russian language? 
  • How to use such verbs as улыбаться, хмуриться, причесываться, умываться, беспокоиться etc. correctly?
А2+  free

The emotions: how to express joy and happiness in Russian

You will learn:

  • How to express such positive emotions as joy and happiness in the Russian language in different life situations. 
  • How can we use: "Я рад!", "Я счастлива!", "Здорово!", etc. to enrich your Russian and to make your language to be more expressive an beautiful
A2+  free

The emotions: how to express admiration

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to express admiration in the Russian language 
  • What words and expressions can help you to enrich your vocabulary and speech
A2+  free


Maria Pimenova

How to talk about trips and travelling in Russian

You will learn:

A2+  free

How to talk about food in Russian easily 

his webinar will help you to learn many useful things:

  • grammar material on "food" topic
  • new food vocabulary
  • some food idioms and their meanings
  • and of course you will have a chance to do some exercises and to check how you understand the new material
A2+   free


 Polina Kolesink

Perfective and imperfective verbs

If you watch this webinar you will learn:

  • Why do we need perfective and imperfective verbs in the Russian language?
  •  What can we express with the help of perfective and imperfective verbs?
  • How to use these verbs correctly




15 eur

To get access please contact us by e-mail: soldatova@derzhavin.com