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Free webinar 18th April at 8.30 pm
Let`s talk about food in Russian easily! Level: A2 and higher
Free webinar with Larisa Vasilenkova 30th March
Etiquette for every day! Our teacher Larisa Vasilenkova will open all the secrets of the Russian society.

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Tatiana Esmantova

Transitive verbs of motion

You will learn:

  • What transitive verbs mean in Russian language
  • What is the difference between вести-водить and везти- возить.
  • How to use them correctly in your Russian speech in everyday situations
B1+ free


Larisa Vasilenkova

Christmas traditions in Russia
  • Where do russian people celebrate these holidays?
  • What was the first: Chrismas or New Year?
  • Who is the main "hero" of both celebrations?
  • Why does he have a grand-daughter?
  • Was he always kind to people and why now he gives presents to children, but not for everyone?
  • How to know your destiny and make all your wishes come true?
B1+ free


 Polina Kolesink
Perfective and imperfective verbs А2+ 


15 eur



Polina Kovrizhkina

Reflexive verbs

You will learn:

  • What do reflexive verbs mean?
  • What types of reflexive verbs are there in Russian language?
  • How to use correctly in your Russian speech such verbs as улыбаться, хмуриться, причесываться, умываться, беспокоиться etc.
А2+  free


Tatiana Esmantova

Verbs of motion 

  You will learn:

  • What verbs belongs to the group “verbs of motion”
  • What is the difference between the group идти, ехать and the group ходить, ездить.
  • How to use these verbs in your Russian speech correctly.
B1+  free


Polina Kovrizhkina

Emotions: how to express joy and happiness in Russian

You will learn and practice a lot:

  • How to express so cheerful emotion as joy and happiness in Russian language in different life situations
  • In which situations we say: Я рад! Я счастлива! Здорово! etc. to make your Russian speech more beautiful.
A2+  free

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