Lear Russian online with us!
We have already started the lessons from our new webinar package but it is still possible to join!
Free webinar 18th April at 8.30 pm
Let`s talk about food in Russian easily! Level: A2 and higher
Free webinar with Larisa Vasilenkova 30th March
Etiquette for every day! Our teacher Larisa Vasilenkova will open all the secrets of the Russian society.

Dear Friends,

We are always striving to please our students and partners. Thus we are always thinking of new courses and educational programmes that will be able to satisfy our student's wishes.

This year we are offering Expatriate Courses – these are courses for foreigners who are living and working in St.Petersburg. Evidently, these people will have very self-specific requirements, for both course content and timetabling. Our expatriate courses are very flexible and there is a choice from:

• Standard 20-hour-a-week group course
• Evening course (6 hours a week)
• Individual lessons (including home tuition)
• In-company classes

Besides which all expatriates can benefit from the special prices that are much lower than usual prices for overseas students.

For more information and prices please see http://www.derzhavin.com/en/pages/333/