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We thank everyone, who sent us photos and voted! We received 86 photos in total and all of them merit a prize... So that`s exactly what we`re going to to; all participants in the contest will recieve a discount of 15% on course fees when they next purchase a course of study of one week or longer (up to eight weeks maximum) at the Derzhavin Institute.*

But we`re sure you`re all wondering who won our top prizes. For these, our congratulations go to the following students!

The second place goes to Chris di Sabatino, his photo recieved 67 likes!! Chris will receive a discount of 50% on course fees when he next purchases a one week course of study at the Derzhavin Institute*


The first place goes to Alina Chori!

One of her photos got 72 likes!!! Alina will receive a 100% discount on all course fees when she next purchases a one week course of study at the Derzhavin Institute*


Both Alina and Chris, like our other participants, will also be able to recieve a 15% percent discount on subsequent weeks if they wish to study for more than one.

All discounts can be redeemed on a single booking made between between October 1st 2016 and May 1st 2017. Registration fees, accommodation fees and other additional extras will be charged at the standard rate.

* Russian language standard course only.


List of participants 

  1. Alina Chori
  2. Chanda Castillo
  3. Chris di Sabatino
  4. Christian Furst
  5. Clelia Marri
  6. Derek Huang
  7. Giorgia Campora
  8. Hans Christian Wilson
  9. Ivo Hopak
  10. Joanne Riggall
  11. Jonathan Phillips
  12. Malte Seifert
  13. Marthe Van Maurik
  14. Mary Anthony
  15. Maryse Ruffier-Lanche
  16. Matt Mangold
  17. Moka Coxinha Maurizi
  18. Richard Corlett
  19. Sophie Penney
  20. Sven Da-Soul
  21. Thibault Lemaire
  22. Thomas VR
  23. Tiffany Jean
  24. Tom Disveld
  25. Tony Naso
  26. Ursula Utzmann
  27. Wendy Ashby
  28. Али Галехбан
  29. Хусейн Марзук