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What is a visa registration

Within 7 working days upon arrival (starting from the date of arrival)  to the Russian Federation  (excluding weekends and official holidays) all foreign citizens (including those travelling to Russia without a visa) must undergo the compulsory procedure of Registration with the local Federal Migration Service  (= notifying them of your arrival and the address of your accommodation). 

Current change of the visa registration rules

Starting from July 2018, tourists’ registration documents have to show the address of their actual place of residence. Depending on whether you are renting accommodation through the Institute, through a hotel, or independently the steps needed to register will be different:

  1. If a student stays in accommodation provided by the school, then the school will arrange the necessary registration documents and send all needed details to the database of the Federal Migration Department. In order to do this students are asked to bring their passport and  migration card on their first day. Please note that if a student needs to be registered more than once,   only the first registration is included in the application fee.

  2. If a student is going to stay at a hotel, then the hotel should take care of their visa registration in the local Federal Migration Department.

  3. If a student is staying in independently rented accommodation (i.e. with their friends or relatives or through AirBnB), the flat owner should register the student within 7 working days of their arrival. When booking your own accommodation, please make sure the flat owner is prepared to complete your visa registration for you and is aware of the aforementioned rules.


Please, note that failure to register with the Federal Migration Service may lead to serious problems (e.g. detention by police, fines on departure, etc.). If you wish to avoid unnecessary complications with your registration, we strongly recommend that you book your accommodation through the Institute or officially registered hotels.

Registration while travelling in Russia

If students travel during their stay in Russia they have to register in each other city they visit if they are staying there for more than 7 working days. In this case their registration in all previous cities is automatically cancelled and has to be renewed if they return. We ask all students to inform and to consult the school administration before travelling while staying with us.