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Derzhavin Institute has been accredited by Eaquals since 2014 and at the most recent Eaquals inspection in June 2018 its full compliance with all Eaquals Quality Standards was again demonstrated.

  • The teaching, the course programmes, as well as the course organisation, the learning resources, testing and evaluation were all judged to be of high quality.
  • It was found that the institution takes great care to protect the welfare of its clients and staff.
  • All publicity materials produced by the institution are accurate and truthful.

Out of 12 criteria that were observed and evaluated during the inspection 8 were identified by the Inspectors as points of excellence, that is an incredibly positive surprise for us.


We want to thank all the teachers and administrative staff - we all did an amazing job!!!

And we want to say our special thanks to all the students who were here, supporting and helping us in that challenging enterprise! 

  • Thank you for being so hard-working and devoted! 
  • Thank you for being so patient and understanding!
  • Thank you for your love to the Russian language and Russian culture!

The Inspectors identified points of excellence in the following categories:

Management and Administration

Management and Administration is an area of excellence because there is a clear institutional ethos and strong evidence of all management commitment to maintaining and raising quality. There are uniform systems for operation and quality assurance in all aspects of the Institute’s activity and evidence of strategic planning combined with a great level of flexibility encouraging the involvement of all staff in the process of collecting feedback regularly and promoting initiative and involvement. There is clear leadership combined with a high level of delegation and staff involvement, an open-door policy on the part of all senior and middle management as well as a readiness to collect feedback from all stakeholders and act upon it immediately. Highly effective electronic systems are in use for all areas of the Institute administration and staff are well trained and use the systems to their full potential.

Course Design and Supporting Systems

Course Design and Supporting Systems are excellent because the educational philosophy and course learning programmes are regularly used s tools to inform and plan weekly schemes of work. There are detailed syllabi and schemes of work referenced to the CEFR created together by the members of the academic team and teachers; both the syllabi and schemes of work combine coherence and flexibility to encourage teacher’s creativity and initiative.

Academic Resources

Academic resources are excellent because the institution has an outstandingly good range of resources and because the majority of the coursebooks have been produced and published by the Institute’s present and previous teachers, and they reflect the Institute’s educational philosophy and very well tie in the contents of the learning programmes. There is an effective system for monitoring the teaching / learning materialwww.eaquals.orgproduced internally, individual advice offered to learners on how to use the online resources and a system forencouraging staff to create and publish their own materials.

Learning Environment

The Learning Environment is excellent because it is exceptionally attractive, comfortable and well-designed, there is fully reliable Internet availability in and outside classrooms, free Wifi and spacious and well-equipped relaxation areas for learners, and the quality of display and decoration of the institution is up-to-date and contributes to a stimulating learning environment.

Client Services

Client Services are excellent due to the availability of staff to provide the learners with an exceptional range and quality of advice. There is an outstanding range of leisure activities to stimulate interest in the Russianculture and to provide additional language practice. Exceptional care is taken in placing learners in suitablehomestay accommodation based on thorough and efficient online system for matching learners to suitablehomestay providers. Exceptionally high quality accommodation is offered to learners and exceptionalattention is paid to their safety and welfare.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an area of excellence because there is a strong commitment and internal culture of maintaining high quality:

• systems and procedures for quality assurance have been introduced in all aspects of the institutionoperation
• all documentation have been standardized
• an exceptional level of commitment to the aims of the institution is apparent among both administrative and teaching staff, indicating outstanding leadership from the management
• an appropriate mix of class observations is in place including individual professional development, peer observation and documented self-observation and team-teaching during the teacher’s inductionperiod
• a broad range of procedures for obtaining feedback from learners and staff has been implemented, followed by discussion and steps taken to improve different aspects in all areas of the school operation

Staff Profile and Development

Staff Profile and Development meet the criteria of excellence because professional performance and development review and appraisal procedures are exceptionally thorough, systematic and supportive. Theinstitution makes effective use of an adapted version of the Eaquals Profiling Grid for Language Teachers. Almost all members of staff are with an above basic level of competence and experience, and there is a richprogramme of in-house training and opportunities to participate in external training events and conferenceswhich are often financially supported by the institution. Creativity and initiative on the part of staff, such as elements of individual professional development programmes or coursebook and materials production, are encouraged and supported.

External Communications

This area is excellent because the institution’s publicity gives outstandingly clear advice to potential participants about levels, exams, approach to teaching etc, and the website is extremely accessible and“user-friendly” and allows potential and actual learners and other stakeholders to get information in an interactive way and there is effective use of online administration systems to share information about teaching and learning.