Free webinar 18th April at 8.30 pm
Let`s talk about food in Russian easily! Level: A2 and higher
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Etiquette for every day! Our teacher Larisa Vasilenkova will open all the secrets of the Russian society.
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Join our free webinar with Maria Pimenova! 

At the webinar you will:

  • learn 10-15 words about food and cooking, which you can use in speech freely; 
  • have a good understanding of kitchen appliances; 
  • learn the words popular in any kitchen: жарить, варить, печь, тушить; 
  • see the popular groceries you can find on the store shelves in Russia; 
  • learn to read and understand recipes in Russian; 
  • get acquainted with popular idioms based on new words (you can use them in everyday speech without being awkward!); 
  • be able to tell about your favorite dishes and technologies of their cooking!

Level: A2 and higher

When: 18th April at 8.30 pm (Moscow time)

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Пименова МарияMaria Pimenova

Education:  Diploma in English Language and Literature from the Kemerovo State University. Diploma in Russian as a foreign language from St. Petersburg State University.

Additional education: Diploma in Law from the Kemerovo State University (2014).

Maria started teaching Russian for foreigners in 2016. She joined Derzhavin Institute in 2017. Before that, she had taught languages in the University and private language schools. She is mostly interested in teaching Russian language for business, grammar, conversation and oral practice to all levels of students.

Maria speaks English and Japanese.