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Discounts for beginner courses
Standard group course - 150 euro per week (for those who have already got a visa to Russia or do not need a visa to come to Russia)

🇷🇺 Do you want to start learning Russian?
🇷🇺 Have been waiting for some attractive offers to start learning the language? 

Well, here is your perfect chance: 

✨ We offer an incredibly low price of 150 euro per week for A 1.1. course (for 20 lessons per week). 
✨ Coursebooks written by the school teachers 
✨International groups of up to 10 students only

Start dates for this special offer: 

📅 June 3 
📅 July 1

After just one week on our Standard group course: 

💥 you’ll have mastered the basics of Russian; 
💥 you’ll find yourself able to use Russian to get around the city, order food and drinks in cafes and restaurants with ease, 
💥 you’ll learn how to meet with and introduce yourself to native Russian speakers. 

💡The number of places in beginner groups is limited! 

The special offer is valid: 

  • for booking made from June 21 till June 28  
  • for those who have already got a visa to Russia or do not need a visa to come to Russia 
  • for Standard group course (20 lessons per week) only in case of availability of the places in beginner groups




Details about the Standard group course

The Standard Course focuses on integrating all the fundamental language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  The emphasis is on improving students` communication skills, broadening their vocabulary, and boosting their confidence in speaking Russian. 

Teachers make use of coursebooks and also supplement lessons with authentic audio and video materials, texts, and articles from newspapers and magazines. 

With 4 lessons Monday-Friday in the morning, students also have ample time for self-study, afternoon individual courses or extracurricular activities.

  • Minimum admission age: 18
  • Course starts: every Monday throughout the year
  • Minimum course duration: 1 week
  • Levels available: A1 – C1
  • Timetable: Mon-Fri, 9.30 a.m – 12.50 p.m, 20 lessons a week.
  • Absolute beginners start the first Monday of each month throughout the year. Please check the dates for the complete beginner courses 2019 - here