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Our 22 classrooms in two branches are all well-equipped with TV, DVD players and CD players. Some rooms also have computers connected to projectors. Our teachers make full use of these resources to make the lessons varied, interesting and stimulating. There are comfortable couches in area where students at Derzhavin Institute can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee whilst chatting in Russian in a relaxed atmosphere with other students and teachers.

Self-Study Area

The self-study area has a small library with a wide range of study materials and literature, along with a TV and video facilities. There is a selection of reading materials (both unabridged literature and abridged stories) and DVDs that the students may borrow.  Materials on Russian grammar and vocabulary also are available for copying in the school office as well as the latest issues of newspapers and magazines (both in Russian and English). The self-study center is available for students from 13.00 till 18.00.

Internet and Wi-Fi

The self-study area is equipped with computers with free access to the Internet. There is also free Wi-Fi access in the school building. Students who do not bring their laptops or netbooks can use one of the school laptops. In case there is no Internet access in the family accommodation or shared flat, students can rent a portable internet modem.

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