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Free webinar with Daria Kovrizhina 13-th October
Free webinar for all the people who are interested in the Russian Language. Our teacher Daria Kovrizhkina will teach you how to use the reflexive verbs. Level: B1 and higher
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Russian for Business Immersion Module

The Business course is offered in a combination of the Standard group course in the morning and the Business group course in the afternoon. The second part is focused on gaining confidence in business communication in meetings and discussions, negotiations and presentations, telephone conversations, and business writing.

This course is good for those who:

  • study Russian for work and business
  • have to deal with Russian partners
  • are planning to start their business in Russia

The module details:

  • Minimum admission age: 18
  • Minimum course duration: 1 week
  • Levels available: A2 – C1
  • Group size: max. 10 students
  • Course starts every Monday throughout the year
  • Each lesson is 45 minutes
  • Timetable: Tuesday and Thursday, 13.45 – 15.15, 4 lessons a week.
Russian for Business Immersion Module 2018
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks* 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks
Euro 52 Euro 104 Euro 144 Euro 192 Euro 240 Euro 288 Euro 336 Euro 384
1-2 weeks - 52 euro/week 3-8 weeks - 48 euro/week

Those who have do not need the visa support from the school can book the Russian for Business Immersion Module separately without booking the Standard group course. Non-refundable registration fee - of 40 euro is charged in this case.

Non-registration fee - 80 euro

We understand that business language is one of the most challenging areas and requires special attention. For those businessmen who have very specific requirements and needs in terms of their schedule as well as the content and aims of the course (e.g. Russian language for commerce, finance, management, tourism) we can offer one-to-one business course.