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Filippo, 2016

Vasilisa e Greta, 2012

Francesca e Raimondo, 2011

Gabriele, Giacomo, Pietro, 2011

Eleonora Gagliano Candela, Michele Traversa, 2010

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Fabio Tombolelli, 2005

Dear Derzhavin staff ! 

Excuse me if I`m writing in English, but I hadn` t yet Russian keyboard. I will search for it as soon as possible and I hope to write in Russian next time (so you will be able to verify my progresses!). Now, after three wonderful weeks spent in S.Petersburg, I am newly in Italy and although I am happy to be at home, my soul is sad, because I miss you all. I sincerely thanks you for your warm reception and I hope to return in Russia very soon. Special thanks to Marina, witch tolerated with great patience my horrid grammar errors!

Best regards