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Friends on Banking

Friends on Banking Street is one of the best economy-class accommodations in downtown St. Petersburg. It is situated in the heart of the city, in an excellent location, has a dedicated staff and offers quality service. Ensuring their guests` comfort is the staff`s main objective, and they do their upmost so that all tourists have an excellent stay at their hostel.

Rooms: From double-room to 6-person occupancy room

Prices per night: From 8 to 42 Euros

Contacts: St. Petersburg, Bank Lane., 3

Nearest metro station: Sadovaya/Sennaya

Tel. +7 812 331 7799 (Mon-Fri, 10:00-19:00)

Web: www.friendsplace.ru

E-mail: booking@friendsplace.ru


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Friends on Griboedova.

Friends on Griboedova is situated in the very center of the city, close to St. Petersburg`s most famous attractions. They have a clean and cozy hostel with spacious rooms, nice kitchen and a living-room. The English-speaking staff is always ready to help, and the reception desk works around the clock. Service: Bed linen, blankets and towels are available free of charge. No curfew, no lockout, no age limit.

Rooms: Private 2-, 3-, 4-person occupancy rooms with additional beds available, 8-person occupancy single-sex rooms, and a 6-person occupancy coed dormitory room with private lockers

Contacts: St. Petersburg, nab. Griboedov, 18, 20 (Entrance through the courtyard)

Nearest metro station: Nevsky prospect

Tel. +7 812 331 7799 (Mon-Fri, 10:00-19:00)

Web: www.friendsplace.ru

E-mail: booking@friendsplace.ru

Skype: friends-Booking

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Hostel Life

Hostel Life is a new cheap youth backpackers` hostel in Saint-Petersburg. The hostel is located in the centre of the city on Nevsky Prospect. The nearby attractions and entertainment, such as hundreds of fashionable boutiques and shops, bars and active nightlife, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls, along with the conveniently located public transportation will make your stay at Hostel Life an unforgettable experience.

Rooms: 15 rooms for 68 guests. Single-sex and coed rooms are available depending on guests` preferences and group orders.

Prices per night: From 16 to 96 Euros

Contacts: St. Petersburg, Nevsky pr d.47

Nearest metro station: Mayakovskaya/ Ploschad Vosstaniya

Tel/fax: (812) 318 18 08

Web: www.hostel-life.ru

E-mail: info@hostel-life.ru

Skype: hostel.life

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Hostel Yes

In this hostel, you can find comfortable and inexpensive rooms with beds equipped with comfortable mattresses, individual reading lamps, tables, chairs, and personal safes with keys. There are 9 rooms (one 8-person occupancy room, two 6-person occupancy rooms, two 4-person occupancy rooms, two triple-rooms and two-double rooms). Hotel Yes can comfortably accommodate 38 guests and also offers extra beds in the doubles. Services: Bed linen, towels, baggage room, baggage safes, self-service café, laundry services (dryer, iron, ironing board) hairdryer, Wi-Fi, computer, DVD player, telephone.

Rooms: From double-room to 8-person occupancy room

Prices per night: Private rooms range from 8 to 39 Euros. Shared rooms range from 14 to 20 Euros

Contacts: Saint-Petersburg, Voznesensky Avenue, 41 . Door 11, 3 Floor, Entrance from Voznesensky Avenue.

Nearest metro station: Sadovaya/Sennaya

Phone: + 7 (812) 312-75-96

Web: www.hostelyes.ru

E-mail: yes@hostelyes.ru

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Online Hostel.

Online Hostel is a new tourist destination located in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, where the historical atmosphere and the rapid pace of the metropolis blend into a splendid mixture. New and comfortable, Online Hostel offers accommodation in spacious and clean 8-person or 4-person occupancy rooms. Friends of the Hostel spend time in our cozy sitting room and enjoy their meals in the kitchen fully equipped with fridge, hot water, stove, microwave, and tableware.

Available 24 hours/day and FREE of charge: Wi-Fi, tea and coffee, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, linen and towels, TV/DVD player, board games and luggage storage. The friendly staff is always available to help you, offering truly excellent assistance and advice. You are definitely welcome to ask questions about sightseeing and inquire about which tourist routes are best. We are glad to help you with: visa invitation/registration, ordering a taxi, booking tickets, laundry service.

Rooms: From 4-person to 8-person occupancy rooms

Prices: From 10 to 50 Euros

Contacts: St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Ostrov 6 linia 27, apart. 1

Nearest metro station: Vasileostrovskaya

Tel: +7 921 419 48 31

Fax: +7 812 329 95 94

E-mail: onlinehostel@gmail.com

Web: www.online-hostel.ru

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Pilau Hostel.

“PILAU” hostel offers double rooms, 4, 6 or 8-person occupancy rooms with amenities in the rooms or on each floor. In total, the hostel can accommodate 52 people (with extra beds -59 persons). In February – March 2008 all “PILAU” premises were fully refurbished. Rooms are equipped with bunk beds 90x200 cm with orthopedic mattresses, individual reading lamps, windows equipped with mosquito nets. Doubles and 4-person occupancy rooms are equipped with televisions. Despite the fact that some of the hostel rooms have shared bathroom facilities, guests are not at a disadvantage, because for their 48 guests, the hostel provided 7 showers, 8 toilets, 12 sinks - all new and modern.

Rooms. From double-room to 8-person occupancy room.

Prices per night: From 10 to 70 Euros

Contacts: St. Petersburg, Rubinshteyna str. 38

Nearest metro station: Dostoevskaya

Tel. +7 812 572-10-75

E-mail: booking@hotelpilau.ru

Web: http://www.pilau.biz/

Skype:  Hostelpilau

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Soul Kitchen Hostel.

The first hostel was opened in 2009 and won the award of the best hostel in Russia in 2010, they brought all knowledge and experience to create a new amazing hostel for backpackers. The new hostel is located in 150 years old building, wealthy families lived there before the revolution and after it became a communal appartment: the rooms were packed with people, there was only one shower and one toilet for several families.

Rooms: From double room to eight-bedded room

Prices per night: are from 13 to 110 Euros

Contacts: Saint-Petersburg, Moika embarkment 62/2 app 9

The nearest metro station: Sennaya/Sadovaya

Web: www.soulkitchenhostel.com

E-mail: soulkitchenjunior@gmail.com

Skype: soul-kitchen-hostel

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Hostel Wings

Hostel Wings is your home away from home, right in the heart of St. Petersburg. New (opened in April, 20th2015), spacious (250 sq.m.) hostel in the city center. 6 metro stations and Moskovskiy railway station nearby. Various entertainments, sightseeings, cafes, restaurants, shops within 5-10 min. walk. Spacious, comfortable, affordable! As the Hostel has altogether 50 beds in 8 rooms, we can also accommodate large groups.

Rooms: From 6-bedded room to 10-bedded room

Prices per night: 365 rub. to 1100 rub.

Contacts: Saint-Petersburg, Nevskiy prospect, 45, apartment 14

The nearest metro station: Mayakovskaya/ Ploshad Vosstaniya

Web: www.hostel-wings.ru

E-mail: hostel.wings@gmail.com

Fecebook: www.facebook.com/wingshostelstpetersburg

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Swiss Star B&B 

The Swiss Star experience begins as soon as you discover the interiors of our Minihotel. Operated as a Bed & Breakfast (B&B), its Swiss management will make sure you feel comfortable and safe. Located in the historical centre if St. Petersburg, most sites lie within walking distance.

Rooms: double rooms with queen-size or twin beds

Prices per night: 40 to 118 eur.

Contacts: Saint-Petersburg, Fontanka Embankment 93. No. 26, 1

The nearest metro station: Sennaya/ Spasskaya/ Sadovaya

Web: http://swiss-star.ru/en/

E-mail: irina@swiss-star.ru

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Fun Giraffe

АFun Giraffe hostel is a nice but cheap hostel in the heart of the city. All rooms are equipped with new comfortable beds, so you can enjoy nice and cosy atmosthere after a long day in the city. Each room has individual lockers, clothes hangers. 2 separated toilets and showers are situated on each floor.

Rooms: from double room to eight-bedded room

Prices per night: 15 to 52 eur.

Contacts: Saint-Petersburg, Spasskiy pereulok, 10

The nearest metro station: Sennaya/ Spasskaya/ Sadovaya

Web: http://fghostel.ru/?lang=en

E-mail: info@fghostel.ru

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Loft Hostel

 Hostel is located in the center of St. Petersburg, near St. Isaac`s Cathedral and St. Isaac`s Square, on Bolshaya Morskaya, 50. 

The hostel is made in the style of XX—XXI century -  beautiful and fashionable Loft style. The loft is freedom from stereotypes, air, life! Toilets and showers are situated on each floor. 

The owner of this hostel has few other hostels in the city center prices from 5eur night or 120 euro/month. You could contact them on corp.manager2016@gmail.com

Rooms: from double room to six-bedded room

Prices per night: from 5 eur/ night.

Contacts: Saint-Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya, 50 

The nearest metro station: Admiralteiskaya

Web: https://vk.com/lofthostelspb

E-mail: lofthostel2016@gmail.com

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