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How can I book a course at Derzhavin Institute?

Please fill out the enrollment form at http://www.derzhavin.com/en/booking/. The Institute will confirm receipt of your application within 48 hours with a confirmation letter.

Upon receiving the confirmation letter, you should verify all the information, and if everything is correct, please sign it and send it back to the Institute e-mail lingv@derzhavin.com).

After receiving the signed confirmation form, the Institute can begin the visa support procedure (which may take from 3 to up to 10 days).

Upon receiving the invitation letter, you can apply to your local Russian Consulate or Embassy for a Russian visa.

What are the booking deadlines?

For all short-term courses (up to 4 weeks) the booking deadline is 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

For all long-term courses (4 weeks +) we need to receive the enrollment form at least 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

We can only guarantee visa support if all these terms are followed.

For students who already have a Russian visa and do not require an invitation letter from the Institute, the booking deadline can be just 1 week before the start of a short-term course and 2 weeks before the start of a long-term course.

The booking deadline for the Work and Study Programme is 8 weeks prior to the start of the course regardless of visa support.

How can I cancel the course and accommodation?

Course Cancellation Terms and Conditions:

If a pre-paid course and accommodation are cancelled or postponed with a minimum of one week's notice in written form (fax, e-mail or letter), the total sum of advanced payment is refunded to the student with the exception of the non-refundable registration fee.
If a pre-paid course is cancelled less than one week before the course's start date, the fee for one week of accommodation and tuition, plus the non-refundable registration fee will be charged
If a pre-paid course is postponed (because of visa delay or other reasons) with less than one week's notice, no cancellation charge is made.

Once the student has started the course:

Lessons cannot be cancelled or postponed.
No refund of course fees will be made.

Change of Programme:

Every attempt will be made to provide the student with the course of his/her choice. However, Derzhavin Institute cannot guarantee a particular course and schedule until the student has taken a placement written and oral test. In case of insufficient applications for a particular course, the Institute reserves the right to offer the student an alternative course of equal value.

Accommodation Cancellation:

If accommodation is cancelled with a minimum of one week's notice in writing, no fees will be charged.
Cancellation or change of accommodation after student's arrival is only possible with at least one week's notice to the host family and the Institute. Full charges must be paid for this week's notice. It is only for exceptional reasons that student can change his/her host family for another host family during the high season (from June to October). There is always the opportunity to change from host family accommodation to a guest flat, hostel or hotel on the condition of compensation of the differences between the fees.


There are 2 options for payment of the course and accommodation fee:
• Through bank transfer. If you have to pre-pay the course or want to make the bank transfer of the whole course fee, you have to mark this option on the Confirmation form. The Institute will send you a copy of the contract for you to sign and invoice with the bank account. All the bank expenses are the responsibility of the Sender. The money should reach the Institute’s bank at least 5 days before the course commencement.
• In cash (if you do not need visa support). Students can pay the course and accommodation fees in the Institute’s office within 3 working days upon the course commencement. This option is only possible in case students do not need visa support from the school.