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What is the usual procedure at Customs?

If you are not carrying drugs, billions of Euros or weapons with you, you do not need to complete the `Customs and Currency Declaration Statement` upon arrival or departure. This applies even if the cabin crew gives you this form. Just collect your luggage and simply walk through the green (nothing to declare) channel.

More important however is completion of the immigration card (see IMMIGRATION CARD). If the airline does not distribute these during your flight, do not worry since the immigration cards can be found at the airport.

If you are carrying valuables, or if you are the argumentative type, it is better to fill out the customs declaration and have it stamped. In this case, take the red (to declare) queue

In general, the rules are as follows:
Cash: You can bring in up to US$3,000 in cash without declaring it. If you have between US$3,000 and US$10,000, you will have to declare it.
Art: Anything resembling a work of art should be cleared in advance (before your departure at the Ministry of Culture). It is illegal to take icons or paintings which are more than 100 years old out of the country.

What is an Immigration Card?

Foreigners are required to fill out the immigration card which is given to them upon arrival in Russia. Most airplane passengers will receive the immigration card from the flight crew. If the airline does not distribute the cards during your flight, do not worry – the cards can be found in the airport at the passport control booths. The immigration card is not complicated; it is just another piece of paper to fill out – you have to provide the same information you already provided in order to obtain your visa. It is important to fill in the name of the inviting company (written in Russian on your visa) and the address of the inviting company if you have it.

The customs official will take one part of this card at the passport control, and the other part should be kept until departure when it should be handed over to the immigration officials on the border when leaving the country. It is important to have the immigration card for visa registration! Do not leave the airport unless you have the immigration card in your hands!

The student should bring the part of the immigration card to the Institute (in case he/she received the invitation letter from the Institute) for visa registration.

When should I arrive?

The recommended arrival day for the programme is Saturday or Sunday. All courses start on Monday. In some cases (if there are no flights or you cannot buy the tickets) your arrival can be transferred to another day (on agreement with the Institute).

How to get from the airport to accommodation?

Our school propose a meeting service at the airport to take you direct to your accommodation. At the airport/railway station you should look for the Institute`s representative – he/she will wait in the arrivals area (ground floor) with the sign “DERZHAVIN INSTITUTE” and will bring you right to your accommodation. 

If you don`t use our transfer, please, be careful and use only official city taxi.

You can also use public transport. City buses number 39, 39Ex and Minivan Taxi number K39 run between the nearest Moskovskaya metro station and the airport.

Transfer rules

1. The vehicle should be used for its intended purpose in accordance with the transfer route. 
2. It ia unacceptable to ask the driver to commit acts contrary to traffic regulations and / or legislation of the Russian Federation. It's forbidden to carry flammable, explosive, highly flammable, toxic, poisonous, acidic, and foul-smelling substances as awell as narcotics in the car. 
3. It is important to behave in an orderly manner for the duration of the transfer: 
*don't put dirty bags on the seats; 
*don't damage the vehicle or the property within it in any way. 
4. For passengers' safety do not distract the driver whilst he / she driving without a good reason. Do not ask the driver to break the speed limit or to stop / park in places where it is prohibited either by traffic law or the traffic police.