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Shared Flat

Located close to the Institute (5-15 minutes walk), the shared flat is an ideal alternative for those who want to live independently, for a rather cheap price and close to the Institute. There is no host family living in the flat.

We could offer you a 2-room, a 3-room, or 5-room flat. The flats are fully equipped. There are single rooms and double rooms, a shared bathroom (2 bathrooms in 5-room flat), a kitchen and a common room (only in a 3 and 5-room flat).

The flats contains a microwave, laundry facilities, TV, free wi-fi internet. Bed linen is supplied, but the students are responsible for doing their own laundry and cleaning the flat.

Please see the pictures of shared flats here


Shared flat (price per week)
Single room Shared room

200 euros per week

160 euros per week


Important! Dear students, please note that during the high season (June - August) the shared flats are usually fully booked. Please contact us at lingv@derzhavin.com to confirm availability of rooms. 

We also propose a meeting service at the airport to take you direct to your accommodation. The benefit of this service is that after a long flight, you do not need to worry about:

  • how to find your accommodation
  • how to use public transport on your very first day in a new city
  • how much money you will need to pay for a private taxi or public transport
  • where to get key 

If you don`t use our transfer, please, be careful and use only official city taxi.

Transfer Fees 2018 Airport/railway or bus station transfer

Single Shared (to the same accommodation)
40 euros per one way 25 euros one way per person

Accommodation rules

1. Keys
You will be given a set of keys by the person who meets you at the airport. Please be careful as you will be responsible for replacing lost keys.

2. Bedroom
You are responsible for cleaning your room during your stay. You may not move the furniture in your room or attach pictures and posters to the walls.

3. Bathroom
You are responsible for cleaning the bathroom after you have used it and for buying all necessary items, such as soap and toilet paper.

4. Linen
You will be provided with 2 sets of sheets and towels upon your arrival, and you may wash them yourself during your stay.

5. Cleaning
The common areas of the flat (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) will be cleaned by the owner/Institute staff every 2 weeks (occasionally, the owner may do this every week.) The bedroom will be cleaned by the owner before the student`s arrival. You need to clean the common areas after you have used them, empty ashtrays, and take out all trash and bottles daily by disposing of them in the appropriate bins located in the streets outside the building. 

6. Laundry
The shared flat is equipped with a washing machine. Upon arrival, please speak to the owner directly regarding the use of the washing machine. Sometimes, the owner will offer to wash your clothes once a week.
For apartments not equipped with a washing machine, you can find laundromats with coin-operated washing machines in all areas of the city.

7. Slippers
When entering the shared flat, you should remove your shoes and put on slippers.

8. Heating
The price of the accommodation includes the standard heating option. The shared flat is connected to a central heating system which functions during the cold season and is turned off during the summer. If you are cold, please ask the Institute staff for a portable heater. 

9. Electricity
We kindly ask you to turn off the lights when you leave a room and not to use several electrical devices with high electricity consumption at the same time (kettle, iron, washing machine etc.)

10. Hot Water Supply
You should keep in mind that most of the flats do not have hot water for 3 weeks during the summer. Usually, in the flat, there is a boiler which functions during this period. You should use hot water sparingly during this period. 
Unfortunately, the Institute is unable to inform you about the exact time the hot water will be turned off. In the case that there is no boiler in the flat, Russian people usually take cold showers, warm water on the stove, or go to Russian-baths or saunas when the hot water is turned off.

11. Drinking Water
The St. Petersburg water system is quite old, and the tap water contains some chemical substances. Showering and brushing your teeth are safe, but tap water is not suitable for drinking. We advise you to drink only bottled or boiled water.

12. Smoking
Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the apartment.

13. Guests
We have booked the room for your personal use. Overnight guests are allowed only with the owner`s consent. If the owner agrees, the school will inform you of the fee you must pay per night.

14. Money and Valuables
Please do not leave money and valuables in your room as the owner cannot be responsible for them.

15. Extending Your Stay
If you decide to extend your course and your accommodation, please inform the school immediately. We will confirm your new booking, although we cannot guarantee the same room. Our accommodations are reserved exclusively for students who are taking courses. Therefore, you cannot stay in our accommodations if you are no longer a registered student at the school. 

16. Damage Deposit
Derzhavin Institute charges a damage deposit of 100 euros for the shared flat accommodation. Students pay it on the first day at the Institute directly to the office. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the course if no damage has been caused.
In order to take care of ordinary maintenance, the owner/Institute staff reserves the right to enter the apartment but only the common spaces, not your room.