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Russian Kitchen:

Mari Vanna

Once upon a time in St.Petersburg lived a mythical woman – Mari Vanna. She was known for her warm hospitality – everyone was welcomed as a dear guest at her home. Her visitants were treated divine traditional Russian dishes, served on her finest china and linens. Not a single person left Mari Vanna`s home disappointed and many returned again and again back to this cozy retreat. Those, who were frequent guests in her home, were given a key of their own, thus becoming a part of Mari Vanna`s family.In present days, Mari Vanna resides very nice restauran in the historical part of Saint-PEtersburg.The dim candlelight and quiet Russian music in the background will bring you to the Russian grandmother that you always wished to have – only for you she has prepared some delicious treats. And you will never want to leave. But don`t forget to reserve a table in advance.

Mari Vanna Mari Vanna Mari Vanna
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Lenina str, 18
Web: www.marivanna.ru
Tel: +7 (812) 230-53-59
Location: http://g.co/maps/hwu69
Nearest metro station: Petrogradskaya
Open hours:
 12h00- 23h00.

Stolle bakery

The «Stolle» Pie Shop Format. «Stolle» Pie Shops is a network of cafe offereing full sized Russian Pies. In Russian the full sized Pie, «Pirog», in contrast to its more humble "little brother" pie, «pirozhok», is a serious dish requiring careful attention to a complex process. Nowadays Stolle has an established reputation for making the best pies.

Stolle Cafe Stolle Cafe Stolle Cafe

Address: Saint-Petersburg, 1 Krasnoarmeiskaya str, 4
Web: http://www.stolle.ru
Tel: +7 (812) 4020111
Nearest metro station:
Tehnologicheskiy Institute
Open hours:  08h00 - 21h00.


The kings here are bliny (pancakes). One of the most populars russian fast food restorans, where they cook pancakes right in front of your eyes. There are possible compositions, including Ilya Muromets, a popular blin with pork meat, mushrooms and cheese. They serve also different soups of incredible fish (Ukha) and draught beer. You will find moreover, 49 stands Térémok scattered in St Pétersbourg which serve these same dishes but to be taken.

Teremok Teremok Teremok
Address: Saint-Petersbourg, Nevsky pr., 60
Web: www.teremok.ru
Tel: +7 (812) 363-23-41
Location: http://g.co/maps/d5w7m
Nearest metro station: Nevsky Prospect
Open hours: 10h00 - 22h00.

International Kitchen:

Van der Wafel

If the crispy outside, the softness of inside or simply the still hot gauffre misses you, you have not any more to wait! In the coffee at two levels of Van der Wafel, you can take waffles of Belgian style made fast and overcome of a cream of fruits, syrup or the icecream which you prefer! Also try one of their delightful sandwiches made with a waffle cut in two, stuffed with some well-blended cheese, vegetables and some meat. They are tasty and copious. Fresh salads, smoothies and coffees  are also offered there.

Yolki-Palki Yolki-Palki Yolki-Palki
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova str, N°1
Tel: +7 (812) 314-90-85
Location: http://g.co/maps/8hbkr
Nearest metro station:
Gostiny Dvor
Open hours: 11h00 - 21h30.


This restaurant is a lesson on the way of making a sophisticated and comfortable place, a place accessible to everybody. After the entrance in "tunnel", the interior continues warming up with loving wooden decors and sieved light. The red meat and fish dominate the menu. We recommend the set of delightful seafood and Spanish seasoned wines. There i offer also a business lunch every day and the Saturday evening.

Macarena Macarena Macarena
Address: Saint-Petersbourg, Moskovsky pr; N°206
Web: www.macarenabar.ru
Tel: +7 (812) 906-39-00
Location: http://g.co/maps/cr82g
Nearest metro station:
Open hours:  08h00 - 03:00, Monday 08h00 - 01h00, Friday 08h00 - 06h00, Saturday12h00 - 06h00, Sunday 12h00 - 01h00.

Jean-Jacques Rosseau

Traditional french bistros with the the atmosphere of freedom and perfect kithcen. Perfect place to drink a coffee after work. The tasty food and prices are more than reasonable.

Jean-Jacques Rosseau Jean-Jacques Rosseau Jean-Jacques Rosseau
Address: Saint-Petersburg, Marata str, N°10
Web: http://jeanjacques.com/
Tel: +7 (812) 315-49-03
Location: http://g.co/maps/xw8sn
Nearest metro station:
Open hours: 24h/24.


Enjoy the ultimate experience in fine Indian dining in the very heart of Saint Petersburg by St. Isaac`s square. Since 1994 they have been serving their guests with superb traditional Indian Cuisine and have received number of culinary awards while doing so. The captivating atmosphere of the Restaurant together with excellent services of the courteous personnel and yes, they speak English!

Tandoor Tandoor Tandoor
Address: Saint-Petersbourg, Voznesensky pr, N°2/10
Web: www.tandoor-spb.ru
Tel: +7 (812) 312-38-86
Location: http://g.co/maps/mgdf5
Nearest metro station:
Open hours:  12h00 - 23h00.