If you have been waiting for the perfect chance to book the Russian language course in our school - here it is!!!
Photo Competition
Win a week-long Russian language course
Up to 25% discounts
for the Standard group course in November and December for those students who do not need visa suppose from the school


Year-Round Discounts *

  • "Happy to see you again". We are pleased to give our students 5% discount on all group courses upon the second enrollment
  • "Let`s Go Together". We offer a special discount at 5% for students for all group courses. If 2 students (of the same level of language proficiency) apply together for any group course throughout the year, they will each receive a 5% discount. For 3 students booking together – 7% discount each.

Seasonal Discounts *

  • Between October 2016 and December 2016 we’ll be offering an incredible discount of 20% for Guest house accommodation. That’s 200 euros per week instead of the usual 250 for all rooms booked for October - December. The guest house is a nice, cosy place that is close to the school (a factor that should be particularly import to those booking accommodation in St Petersburg’s rainy season). Find out more about the guest house here
  • We’ll also be offering a free pick-up transfer for all those who are booking a room in shared flats between October 2016 and December 2016. Our shared flats are one of the best places you can live when you are travelling in St Petersburg; they provide a great chance to meet friends from all around the world and you’ll always have company for dinner. See more about the shared flat here