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Discounts for beginner courses
Standard group course - 150 euro per week (for those who have already got a visa to Russia or do not need a visa to come to Russia)
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Year-Round Discounts 

We are pleased to give our former students a 5% discount

This special offer is valid for:

  • those who have already studied in our school (no matter when, no matter how long)
  • for group courses of 20/24/28 lessons from 1 to 12 weeks long
  • promo code "happy to see you again"

A special 5% discount for 2 students travelling together or 7% discount for 3 students booking together.

This special offer is valid for:

  • for group courses of 20/24/28 lessons from 1 to 12 weeks long
  • only for the period when both students are in the school
  • promo code "let's go together"

Get the lowest possible Expatriate prices (check details here)

This special offer is valid for:

  • those who are already in St Petersburg traveling with their own visas or without a visa
  • only in case the payment is made for the whole period of the course on the same day as the application is made
  • group courses of 20 lessons from 1 to 8 weeks long (only in case there is a group of the corresponding level)
  • for a minimum package of 10 individual lessons per week
  • promo code "right here right now"


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Season Discounts

If none of the abovementioned discounts is applicable in your particular case, please try your luck in our NEWS  - maybe you will find some current special offers and discounts.