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TRKI exams in February
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In-House Published Books

The school cares greatly about the quality of the teaching. The choice of course books and study material is a top important issue. Being not satistied with the existing materials our teachers are extlemely motivated to make in-house produced materials. Here are the course books that were writtens by the staff of the school and that are used in the classroom.


"КЛАСС" Darya Kotelnikova, Zoya Vinogradova, Elena Klimova

see the content of the book
see the sample unit

This course book is used as the main book for beginner and elementary levels. This colourful book is based on the communicative approach. It contains 21 units covering the most frequently met everyday situations, gives the speech patterns that are easy to use in real life, explains Russian grammar in a clear and effective way. The book has an audio supplement that is available either on CD or online at https://derzhavin.com/en/pages/746/. At the same link there are also self-study supplementary materials.

This course is given to all the students of the school who are studying at beginners and elementary levels(the cost of the book is included in teh registaryion fee).

You can also buy this book in school or order it on-line. The cost of the book is 25 euro.

"Russian literature of the 20th century - silver age" Asya Grocheva

book one - levels A2 - B1
book two - levels B2 - C1

see the content of the book
see the sample unit

The book is used as the main book for the specialized mini-group afternoon course. It's aimed at those who are in love with Russian poetry and who'd like to study original texts of the great Russian poets of the 20th century - Block, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Mayakovskij. The book gives a deep insight into Russian history, analizing the social and political background of this great epoch. You will have a great chance to trace the changes in the Russian life through the perception of the poets who witnessed the dramatical turn of the Russian Empire into a Young Soviet State.

The pieces of poetry are all given with the commnets in English, thus making it much easier to get the meaning of the porm. The questions given after the poem help students understand the essence and the deep hiden ideas.

The book is devided into two parts for level A2 - B1 and B2 - C1. This makes it possible to study one of the most difficult parts of culture - poetry - even if you have started learning Russian not so long ago. 

You can also buy this book in school or order it on-line. The cost of the book is 20 euro.


To be published soon


"Russian for tourism industry" Irina Rakova 

This book is geared towards the needs of wide range of professionals involved in the tourism industry (receptionists, front-desk personnel, shop assistances, hotel managers, etc).

Russians are more and more interested in the main European tourists’ destinations. And since an average Russian tourist doesn’t have a great command of foreign languages, it’s getting really important to those who work in the travel industry to be able to communicate in Russian.

The book covers the most frequent situations in a hotel and summer and winter resorts. Based on the authentic materials and rich in real every-day conversations this course will help you become more efficient in your job.