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10.08.2016 14:28
Saint Petersburg, souvenirs, books, Matryoshka, Khokloma, Shkatulka

If you`re looking for gifts for friends at home who are studying Russian too or for a friend who loves to collect books in foreign languages, there is one place you need to go; Dom Knigi.

Located on Nevskii Prospekt, directly opposite the Griboedova Canal exit to Nevskii Prospect metro station, Dom Knigi, as the name suggests, is your one stop stop for any sort of book you could want. On the ground floor you can find books on art and music, guide books and language books, including some rather good Russian exercise books you might want to buy for yourself (I recommend beginners try to find a book called Shkatulka). If you know someone interested in Russian poetry, children`s literature or science fiction you`ll find it all on the second floor, whilst books on the sciences, history, politics, and other non fiction topics can be found in the basement.

Dom Knigi doesn`t just sell books, however. On the top floor you can find Cafe Zinger and a whole range of toys and board games whilst on the ground floor you can find stationary and various souvenirs (e.g. calendars, postcards, chocolate, etc.)

You will also find an entrance to the souvenir shop Polianka on the ground floor of Dom Knigi. If you want to buy more traditional souvenirs, like Matryoshki, Khokloma, Shkatulki, and so on, then this is the place you need. There`s also an entrance to Polianka on Nevskii Prospect, just a few metres further down from the entrance to Dom Knigi. Near to this you`ll find the shop`s famous window display; it`s definitely worth a look. If, for whatever reason, there`s something you can`t find in Polianka their are also many other souvenir shops all the way down the Griboedova Canal in the direction of Spas Na Krovi, and a few in the opposite direction too.

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