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18.08.2016 15:39
Saint Petersburg, statues, Admiralty, Hermitage, cats, rabbits, birds, Chizhik Pizhik, the Photographer, Ostap Bender, wishes.
Места где можно загадовать желания
Чижик Пыжик
Where can I find it?
Naberezhni Fontanki, near one of the corners of Mikhailovskii zamok
What should I do?
As with many other wish granting statues in St Petersburg Chizhik Pizhik requires material  compensation to grant your wish, a coin to be precise. The type of coin you give him doesn`t matter but where you put it does. Chizhik Pizhik, being a bird, isn`t great at swimming, this is made all the worse by the fact that he`s made out bronze, which hardly the world`s most buoyant material. As such, if you want Chizhik to grant your wish you have to make sure that, when you throw a coin to him, it lands on his little pedestal and not in the Fontanka.
Кот Елисей и Кошка Василиса
Where can I find them?
Malaya Sadovaya Ulitsa 6
What should I do?
When looking down Malaya Sadovaya with your back to Nevsky Prospect look up high on the wall to your right and you`ll see a little black cat looking down at you. This is Кот Елисей. Look at the same point of the wall directly opposite, on the left hand side of the street and you`ll see an equally small golden cat. This is Кошка Василиса. These cats are a little bit younger than our friend Chizhik but it seems they`ve been learning from him. If you want them to grant your wishes you just need to throw a coin and land it near one of the statues. The main difference is that you`ll be throwing upwards instead of downwards now.
Do be careful not to hit any nearby windows, that won`t grant you any wishes, unless of course you wish for a fine from the city authorities.
Where can I find it?
Malaya Sadovaya Ulitsa 3
What should I do?
The Photographer is a little less demanding that his fellow statues, he only asks that you take a photo with him. Specifically he likes people to stand under his right arm when doing so. For this he will, apparently, grant you happiness. That right, the increased ease of use of the Photographer also means less freedom with your wishes. If riches are more important to you than happiness however you can hold onto his pinky finger while you take your photo and the photographer will send a little bit of wealth your way.
Остап Бендер
Where can I find it?
Italianskaya Ulitsa 4
What should I do?
Ostap Bender is yet another money granting statue. He`s not quite so shy as the photographer however; rather than simply holding his pinky finger you have get a bit more personal and rub his rather large nose. After that take a moment to sit on his chair in quiet contemplation, and you`ll soon be rolling in money, no doubt.
Грифоны на банковском мostu
Where can I find them?
Bankovskii Most, Canal Griboedova
What should I do?
In order to get a wish out of these griffins you`ll need to impress them. Thing is, they`re pretty easily impressed. The first thing you can do to get a wish is simply stretch your arms out and touch both griffins on the one side of the bridge at the same time. If you arms are too short for this however, do not fear. You can also get your wish granted by climbing up and putting your hand in one of the griffins` mouths, just be careful not to slip of the bridge. Finally, if you`re feeling especially brave, these majestic creatures have a little secret you can exploit to be come richer. The thing is, well, they like to be kissed... and not on their foreheads. No, think lower, much lower. That`s right, simply place your lips upon the posterior of one of the Griffins and your wallet will soon be overflowing with cash. And that`s a good thing, seeking as you`ll probably need to spend a lot of it on mouthwash.
Атланты около зимнего дворца
Where can I find them?
Outside the New Hermitage, Millionaya Ulitsa 35
What should I do?
Stand at the feet of one of the Atlases, any one, and hold onto his big toes, one in each hand. Now look up, and stare deep, deep into his eyes. Concentrate on your wish, hold it in your minds eye, or something like that. Now, when that particular Atlas gets his next day off from holding up the facade of the new hermitage, he`ll get straight to making your wish come true.
Фонтан около адмиралтейства
Where can I find it?
Directly in front of the Admiralty, Admiralteyskii Prospekt
What should I do?
Positioning if very important when trying to draw upon the powers of the Admiralty fountain. You`ll need to stand so that you`re facing the Admiralty with your back to the fountain itself. Once you`re in the right position, turn your head up and look at the Admiralty`s golden spire, think of your wish, take a coin from  your pocket and throw it over your head into the fountain. It is now very important that you DO NOT TURN AROUND. What will happen if you do? It might be that angry spirits will drag you into to fountain, it might be that you`ll see unspeakable horrors from another world reflected in its surface. Alternatively it might just be that the person you just hit with your coin will realise that you`re the one who threw it.
Заяц около крепости
Where can I find it?
Petro-pavlovskaya Krepost, Western bridge
What should I do?
As with the other animal statues on our list, this hare wants your money and he doesn`t mind getting hit by a few stray coins to get it. As before, throw a coin and try and land it on the statue`s base. Please remember however, not to let the correlation between animals, throwing coins and luck, which is shown in this list, confuse you; throwing coins at real animals will not bring you luck, quite the opposite in fact.

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