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Лето / Leto
14.06.2018 17:00
Saint Peterbsurg, Films, Cinema, Leto, Soviet Rock, Kino, Victor Tsoi, Zoopark
Лето / Leto

Interested in Russian film or music? Looking for something to do at the weekend? Check out the Russian film Leto!

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Six films to watch on this year’s ‘Day of Russian Cinema’
25.08.2017 18:38
films, learning russian, Russian Language
Six films to watch on this year’s ‘Day of Russian Cinema’

Cinema has always been an important aspect of Russian culture. Lenin is said to have asserted that, of all the art forms, the most important of all was that of cinema («... вы должны твердо помнить, что из всех искусств для нас важнейшим является кино»). 

The Day of Russian Cinema (День российского кино) falls every year on the 27th of August. On this very day in 1919, Vladimir Lenin signed a decree that declared the nationalisation of the country’s cinematic and photographic industries. In 1979 - 60 years after this event -, the day was declared a national holiday; from then on, the ‘Day of Soviet Cinema’ (the name, of course, changed after the collapse of the USSR in 1991) would be celebrated every year on the 27th of August.

If you’re looking to improve your Russian and also want to find out more about Russian and Soviet culture, then watching a Russian film is the perfect way to do this! There are countless films that you could watch and several genres and time periods to choose from. To inspire you, here is a list of six films that might take your fancy:

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