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The Evolution of Russian: Union and Federation
04.07.2018 15:40
Russian Language, History of Russian, Soviet Union, Bolshevik Revolution, Orthographic Reform, Soviet Names, Soviet Slang, Modern slang
The Evolution of Russian: Union and Federation

Have you ever wondered where Russian language came from? In this, the third and final post in our three part series, we’ll be finishing off our answer to that question by looking at the role that the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union played in the development of Russian and the linguistic changes that have impacted Russian since the proclamation of the Russian Federation.

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Колонна Славы / The Column of Glory
12.06.2018 14:10
Saint Petersburg, Cathedrals, Troitsky Cathedral, Column of Glory, Cannons, Russo-Turkish War, Soviet Union, Architecture
Колонна Славы / The Column of Glory

Not too far from the institute are the blue, star-spotted domes of Troisky Cathedral. For many students who walk past the church their first question is the same, "What's with the giant column of cannons out front?" 

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День Победы (Victory Day)
08.05.2018 14:04
Saint Petersburg, Victory Day, День победы, Second World War, Great Patriotic War, Soviet Union, 2018
День Победы (Victory Day)

On May 9th 1945 (Moscow ime) Nazi Germany officially surrendered and the war in Europe ended. This day, known is Russia as День Победы (Victory Day), has a special place not only in Russian history but also in modern Russian society and culture. In this blog post you’ll learn about how Russians celebrate this holiday and about the special events that will be held in its honour this year in St Peterburg.

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