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Витва на Неве / Batle on the Neva
18.07.2018 19:56
Saint Petersburg, Things to do, tournament, medieval, kinghts, market, jousting
Витва на Неве / Batle on the Neva

Hear ye, hear ye! Good Ladies and gentle Sirs, it is time to raise your standards, don your finest garb, and head to the lists to enjoy that most regal of spectacles, ye olde medieval tournament!

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Квесты в Питере / Escape Rooms in St Pete’s
05.06.2018 14:18
Saint Petersburg, Things to Do, Quests, Escape Rooms, Russian Practice, Games
Квесты в Питере / Escape Rooms in St Pete’s

Looking for a more unusual way to practice your Russian skills? Why not try a quest?

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Ночь Музеев (Long Night of Museums)
10.05.2018 16:43
Saint Petersburg, Long Night of Museums, Culture, Things to Do, Events
Ночь Музеев (Long Night of Museums)

On May 19th 2018 the staff of 117 museums in St. Petersburg and its surrounding environs will forego sleep in order to keep their doors open to the public through the night. Read on to find out more about tickets, participating museums, special exhibitions, and more.

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