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Are you ready for your Russian course in St. Petersburg
this Autumn?

Derzhavin Institute is happy to announce special accommodation and course package rates for in-person study for those travelling to St. Petersburg in September – December 2021

You can choose between 1 or 8 weeks

1 week Each additional week (up to 8 weeks)
398 Eur – single studio accommodation 348 Eur
348 Eur – twin studio accommodation* 298 Eur


📩 Visa support letter
📋 Written and oral placement test
👫 20 hours/week of the General Russian group course
🏢 Accommodation at the students’ residence (single studio / twin studio)
✏ Welcome information pack (incl. stationery)
💳 Student ID card
📙 First course book
📜 Certificate on course completion
📸 Free social activities at school: craft lessons, song lessons, watching films, lectures on the Russian culture, etc.
🌐 Free unlimited internet access, Wi-Fi

You can join the course every Monday**
**Beginners start on fixed dates
START DATES FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS: September 06th; October 04th; November 01st; November 29th

Promo code for the special package rates

To book the course and accommodation at the reduced price, please choose the options “SPECIAL AUTUMN OFFEER” in the booking form: https://derzhavin.com/booking/st-petersburg/

This special offer is valid from September 04th, 2021 until December 25, 2021.

This special offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or promo codes.

Luckily, Russia has already opened its borders for citizens of many countries***! We can provide visa support for our students, and issue an invitation letter for a student or tourist Russian visa (depending on the citizenship). However, we cannot guarantee that your local Russian Consulate will grant a visa itself for you. We suppose that it might be easier and more likely to receive a student visa than a tourist visa now. Please check the possibility of receiving a visa in your local Russian Consulate.

Our school is ready to welcome students starting from August! If you are ready to come, we can already start the booking process, so that you would have enough time to apply for a visa.

The situation in the world hasn’t gotten back to normal yet, unfortunately. The situation in St Petersburg is more or less the same as in other countries. People are still supposed to wear face masks in public places, and there are some restrictions regarding various entertainments. However, restaurants and museums are open in St Petersburg at the moment (with some minor limitations though)! You will also be able to enjoy boat trips and city tours.

In any case, we recommend you to get vaccinated before travelling. This isn’t mandatory in Russia now, but we are concerned about your health and safety. The only official requirement for arrival in Russia now is a PCR lab test taken not more than 72 hours before your arrival. We also recommend you to make sure that your insurance can cover a case of COVID (just in case).

Of course, we are concerned about safety at our school, and we will take all the necessary precautions (disinfection, extended seating distance in the classrooms, regular cleaning of the Institute premises and facilities, vaccinated school staff, small groups, etc). The accommodation at the students’ residence is also safe because everyone has their own studio apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen. Two students can share a twin apartment only in case they are travelling together (e.g. as friends, or relatives).

***To check the list of the countries open for travelling to Russia, please follow this link:


How to Book Your Russian Language Course at Derzhavin Institute:
Decide when you would like to come to St. Petersburg and how long you would like to study. Complete the application form online at https://derzhavin.com/booking/st-petersburg/. Send a scanned copy of the first page of your valid international passport to our booking office in St. Petersburg by e-mail (lingv@derzhavin.com). The Institute will reply to confirm your booking within 24 business hours.

Booking Deadlines
The booking deadline is at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Students must be 18 years old or over to join a group course.

Arrival and beginning of tuition
All group courses start on Mondays and finish on Fridays. The recommended arrival day is Sunday, and departure day – Saturday.

Medical and travel insurance
Applicants are responsible for their own personal insurance protection (against illness, accident, theft, etc) and are not insured by Derzhavin Institute automatically.


  • Credit card. A direct link for online payment is sent to students after confirmation of the course details. In case of credit card payments,7% for bank charges is added to the total sum of the invoice.
  • Bank transfer. Bank details are provided on the contract (that students are asked to sign) which is sent to students after confirmation of the course details. All bank expenses are a responsibility of the sender.


  • Prepaid courses postponed due to personal issues can be rescheduled to start no later than December 01st, 2022.
  • If a student is unable to start a prepaid course because of any problems connected to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the course and accommodation booking can be postponed until later without any additional cost – even if the new dates are unknown yet.
  • If a booked and confirmed course and accommodation arrangement is cancelled due to personal issues, the total sum of the prepayment is refunded to the student with the exception of the cancellation fee of 100 Euros and bank expenses.
  • If a booked and confirmed course and accommodation arrangement is cancelled because of any problems connected to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with a minimum of 1 week’s notice in written form (e-mail), the total sum of the prepayment is refunded to the student.
  • If a booked and confirmed program is cancelled because of any problems connected to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) less than 1 week before the start of the course (and a student does not want to postpone their program until later), the cancellation fee of 100 Euros will be charged.
  • In case a part of the program that has already started is postponed, the remaining fees can be kept on the school account and used for a further course that is to start no later than December 01st, 2022.
  • In case of cancellation of a part of the program which has already started, 70% of remaining fees is refunded. The used and remaining program fees in this case are recalculated in accordance with the price per number of weeks actually taken.
  • In case a student is unable to continue their program after its start (and does not want to postpone their program until later) because of any problems connected to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the remaining fees are refunded in full.
  • Postponed accommodation arrangement is subject to availability at the time of rebooking.
  • Group lessons missed or cancelled within the period of the course are not refunded.