День Достоевского / Dostoevsky Day

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All you need to know about Dostoevsky Day 2018!

День Достоевского / Dostoevsky Day
Are you a fan of Dostoevsky? Well then you’d be an « Idiot » to miss this years Dostoevsky Day! This year’s events will take place on July 7th. On this day you can visit New Holland Island between 15:00 and 18:00 to see the giant puppets of the Theatrical Group Кукольный формат (Doll Format) walking around. At 20:30 visitors can join a walking performance entitled Возвращение Мышкина (The Return of Mishkin). During the performance, the audience will be guided through the city, to the accompaniment of a soundtrack played by street musicians, to see the main scenes from Dostoevky’s The Idiot in the locations where the took place.
The choice to retell Count Mishkin’s story on the walking performance was a deliberate one; in 2018 The Idiot celebrates its 150th Anniversary. For exactly this reason you’ll also be able to watch a musical based on the main events of the book at Театр «Зеркалье» (the Mirror Theatre) at 19:00. This may not be an entirely standard musical however, it’s organisers note that it is more « a concert with elements of a play » than a musical.
You might also want to take a look inside the Mayakovsky Library on 46 Fontanka Embankment. In the library you’ll be able to indulge in Dostoevsky’s most self-destructive past-time, gambling. « Poor Folks » don’t have to worry however, you won’t be betting any money if you take part. Instead you’ll be betting something in many ways even more valuable, your self worth. Everyone who comes to the library will be granted a set of virtues (honour, health, love, common sense, talent, etc.) which they can gamble away in games ranging from the shell game to Russian roulette.
The Centre for Art and Music of the Mayakovsky Library on Nevsky Prospect will also be hosting a Dostoevsky themed event. The centre will be holding a group psychotherapy session with Russian psychologist and Neurologist, Andrey Zhukov. At this session you’ll be able to get a professionally endorsed answer to the question all your Facebook friends have been asking, « Which character from the works of Doestoevky are you? ». Zhukov promises to reveal which character you most resemble in terms of your personal values and how to use this information to achieve success and happiness.
These are but a few of the events that will be held in honour of Dostoevsky, the Museum of Urban Sculpture, Mikhailovsky Palace, and many other tourist hotspots will be taking part. You can find out more information about all the participants and events here: http://www.dostoevskyday.ru/uchastniki/.