Get a Russian accent in 2 months! Join our new course “Practical Phonetics Training”

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We are launching a new course. “Practical Phonetics Training” will help you to get a Russian accent in 2 months!

If you want to sound like a native Russian speaker, then this course is for You!

Within this course You will:

  • learn to pronounce Russian words correctly, without an accent;
  • learn the nuances of the Russian intonation;
  • learn different Russian Proverbs and tongue twisters.


  • Start – September 1
  • Tue&Thu, 20.00 – 21.30 MSC (19.00-20.30 CET, 13.00-14.30 EST)
  • Levels: A2+

Teacher  – Irina Rakova

Irina started teaching in 2002. Irina has taught in CIEE in St. Petersburg for 8 years. She worked with students from Princeton University, Arizona State University, Duke University, Dartmouth College, University of Hamburg. She has been running the summer Russian language program for Princeton students for 7 years.

The plan

1st week (01.09, 03.09) – Why do we see one thing in a text and hear another? How do I address and greet in Russian?

2nd week (08.09, 10.09) – Why is it difficult to hear words like “завтра”, “поезд”, “здравствуйте”, “дождь”? How do I ask in Russian in order to be understood?

3nd week (15.09, 17.09) – Is there a difference between the words “ест” and “eсть”, “кон” and “конь”? How can I demand and express my irritation in Russian?

4th week (22.09, 24.09) – What is the difference between “поставить в угол” and “поставить в уголь”, “горка” and “горька”? How can I express my admiration and surprise in Russian?

5th week (29.09, 01.10) –  How to pronounce: “Поезжай попозже с женой и с Женей “? How to attract the attention of the other person in Russian?

6th week (06.10, 08.10) –  How to pronounce «детство», «родственник», «богатство», «советский», «любопытство». How to understand what your interlocutor wants (they either ask or wonder or intrigue)?

7th week (13.10, 15.10) –  How to pronounce «с честью», «с чувством», «мужчина», «счастливый», «исчезнуть»? How to express rejection, irony, sarcasm in Russian?

8th week (20.10, 22.10) – What is the difference in pronunciation of the combinations «он сел» – «он съел», «он пьёт»-«он поёт», «едем к Ире»-«едем к Кире»? How does intonation help to express different meanings?

P.S.: You can join any week of the course. Buy 3 or more weeks to get a discount!

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