Packing List for Travel to Russia

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If you are planning your trip to Derzhavin institute, don`t worry: Russia is a civilized country, and you could buy everything you need here.  In Saint-Petersburg we have a lot of 24 hours` supermarkets, so you could buy all necessary cosmetics, food, and even clothes on your arrival. So you don`t need to take kilograms of unnecessary things with you. But there are some things that you`ve better to take with you. Here you could find a packing list for your trip.

Packing List for Travel to Russia

1. Documents
Please, check your documents before departure to make sure they are valid for your trip. More information about visas and documents you could find here

2. Money and credit cards.
The national currency is the Russian Ruble. In St. Petersburg, as everywhere in Russia, payment for all goods and services is to be made in Russian Rubles or by credit card. Officially, it is illegal to pay in dollars or Euros. It is possible to exchange money at any bank, currency exchange booths, and at the majority of hotels and large department stores. You need to show your passport or a copy to change currency. ATMs (bankomaty), can be found in most metro stations, banks and large hotels, but credit-card use is still in its infancy, and thus credit cards are not accepted at all establishments, even sometimes at establishments that have signs that say they do accept credit cards. Always have cash just in case. In Russia, the following credit and debit cards are accepted: VISA, Master Card/Euro card, American Express, Maestro.

3. Medicaments
If you are taking prescription medication, we recommend that you bring enough to last your entire trip. Stomach and headache medication is also strongly recommended, as an upset stomach and headaches are common symptoms of jet lag and are commonly experienced by students acclimating to a new climate and diet, particularly for the first week. Almost all medicaments are available in Russia but often are called by different names.

4. Umbrella.
Whenever you come to Saint-Petersburg, you will always need an umbrella! In summer, spring, autumn and winter it always rains in Saint-Petersburg.

5. Waterproof footwear.
It depends on season, in summer you need some waterproof walking shoes, in winter warm, but also waterproof shoes.

6. Clothes.
More about clothes to bring to Saint-Petersburg in our next article.

7. Adapter for electric plugs
We have such type of electric plugs.
If in your country they are different, you could bring an adapter with you or buy it here. In any electronics store an adapter will cost 300 rub. maximum.

Packing List for Travel to Russia

8. Souvenirs.
If you are going to be staying with a host family, or interacting extensively with Russian people in general, it`s nice to bring some small souvenirs from your country. This is a small gesture that will be greatly appreciated.

9. Positive thinking and good mood 🙂

Also don`t worry about SIM card. SIM cards can be bought on almost every street corner in Saint-Petersburg (you will be required to show your passport when making a purchase). The mobile services are very cheap in Russia. With 500 rubles (7eur) per month you will get almost unlimited Internet, local calls and SMS. Calls to Europe and USA will be about 1eur/min.