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Dear Students and Russian Language Fans,
The Derzhavin Institute has created a new type of course for those who like to study at home with a cup of tea or coffee in your hands!
This time we offer to join our online course devoted to the different types of the Reflexive verbs in the Russian Language.

You will learn the theory and grammar rules during the webinar, practice the usage of the reflexive verbs in our online excercises after the webinar, and improve your conversational skills during the skype lesson in the end of the course.

It includes:
?4 webinars with our teacher Daria Kovrizhkina.
The webinars will be held twice a week (Tuesday and Friday at 9 p.m. Moscow time).
?online exercises (as a homework after each webinar)
?1 Skype lesson with our teacher in order to ask the questions after this mini course (The duration of the lesson is 60 minutes)

Why is it useful?
? you do not have to go anywhere. You can study at home
?if you do not have time to watch the webinar online you will get an access to the video of the webinar when it is over
?you will get a one-to-one Skype lesson where you can clarify all the difficulties after all the webinars are over.

When: 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd March at 9 p.m. (Moscow time)
As for the Skype lesson we will find the time that will be convenient for you.

Level: A2 and higher

Teacher: Daria Kovrizhkina, phd