“Grammar Made Easy” with Polina Kolesnik (A2)

This course is for you if you want to understand the features of essential grammatical forms, and to use them correctly in your Russian speech. You will enrich your vocabulary with new words and expressions.

Within this course, you will:

  • learn how to use correctly Perfective/Imperfective forms of the most common everyday verbs;
  • learn how to use correctly the nuances of some essential everyday verbs;
  • learn how to use pronouns that can vary your speech a lot;
  • systematize the meaning of each case of the Russian case system.

Level: A2

4 weeks – 12 online classes, 90 minutes each (3 classes per week)
MON & WED & FRI, 20:00-21:30 MSK

We use the video conference platform ZOOM. Every participant can speak and listen to each other.

Teacher: Polina Kolesnik
Polina has been teaching the Russian language to foreign students since 2008. She has taught Russian as a foreign language in several universities and private language schools including Princeton, Cambridge, Rutgers, Philips Exeter Academy (USA), Seven Oaks School (UK).


1st week – the nuances of such essential everyday verbs as: cтоя́ть, сиде́ть, лежа́ть, висе́ть, класть – положи́ть, cта́вить – поста́вить, сажа́ть – посади́ть, ве́шать – пове́сить, and some others

2nd week – Perfect/Imperfect forms of the most common everyday verbs with prefixes: делать – сделать, доделать; думать – подумать, передумать, придумать; работать – поработать, заработать, подработать; читать – прочитать, перечитать; писать – написать, подписать, and some others

3rd week – pronouns: мой, свой, чей-то, кто-нибудь, что-нибудь, кто-то, кое-кто, никто, and others

4th week – Accusative case, Dative case, Instrumental case, Prepositional case, Genitive case


1 week – 5890 Rub/week
2-4 weeks – 5500 Rub/week

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  • Access: 1 week – 5890/5500 EUR

  • Level: from A2

  • Dates: Start every first Monday of each month

  • Timetable: Monday & Wednesday & Friday 20:00-21:30 Moscow time (6 academic hours/week)

  • Teacher: Полина Колесник

Polina is probably one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had. I wish my teachers over the years were as sweet. I liked how in this grammar class we not only learned grammar, but practiced using it in context either by using them in stories, playing games, or talking with our peers. The homework and quizzes were manageable. I also really liked the topics we covered. I feel like we went over all the hardest grammar topics I struggled with in Russian. I finally understand the whole никого, ничего, кто-то, что-нибудь catastrophe.
Nicole Gounatnis, USA, July 2020

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