Intensive Russian language course for Beginners (A1+)

You have studied Russian before, but have forgotten it? This course is for you!

REFRESH YOUR RUSSIAN SKILLS with us by speaking, listening, reading and writing!

After this course, you will:

  • understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a certain type;
  • be able to introduce yourself and others, and to ask/answer questions about personal details;
  • interact in a simple way.

Level: A1+ (false beginners)

We use the video conference platform ZOOM. Every participant can speak and listen to each other.

Teacher: Daria Kotelnikova
Daria started teaching the Russian language to foreign students in 2001. In 2007-2008, Daria participated in the international project “Judicial, Cultural and Linguistic Cooperation between Europe and Russia” organized by Derzhavin Institute in cooperation with the Russian Law Academy. Diploma in Russian as a Foreign Language from St. Petersburg State University. Officially certified TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) tester: TEL, TBL, TORFL 1,2 (2010).


PART 1, June 07 - July 02 /
July 05 - July 30 /
August 02 - August 27

PART 2, July 06 - July 29
PART 3, Aug 03 - Aug 26


4 weeks – 12 online classes, 90 minutes each (3 classes per week)
MON & WED & FRI, 10:00-11:30 MSK

Week 1. Food and eating habits, numbers, ordering in a restaurant
You can describe what you like and what you don’t like using the Accusative case.
You can ask and understand the food price.
Dates: June 07, 09, 11 / July 05, 07, 09 / Aug 02, 04, 06

Week 2. The place I live. Best place to be on holidays
You can describe where you live using the Prepositional case.
You can describe places you like to be on holidays using adjectives.
Dates: June 14, 16, 18 / July 12, 14, 16 / Aug 09, 11, 13

Week 3. Conversation topics we like to talk about. Free time activities
You can describe your hobbies and interests.
You can express your opinion.
You can explain why you like or dislike doing something using the verbs играть в/на, заниматься, кататься.
Dates: June 21, 23, 25 / July 19, 21, 23 / Aug 16, 18, 20

Week 4. Making plans. My daily routine and habits before and during the Coronavirus
You can discuss plans with other people (what to do, where to go, and when to meet) using days of the week and the verbs of motion идти – ходить.
You can describe where you used to go and where you go now.
Dates: June 28, 30, July 02 / July 26, 28, 30 / Aug 23, 25, 27


1 week – 69 EUR/week
2-4 weeks – 65 EUR/week



4 weeks – 8 online classes, 90 minutes each (2 classes per week)
TUE & THU, 10:00-11:30 MSK

Week 1. The best transport to travel. The places people go. Countries and cities I’ve been to
You can describe what means of transport is your favourite, and explain why.
You can say where and why you will go in the near future using the verb ехать.
You can say where and why you visited places using the verb ездить in the present and past tenses, and such phrases as “неделю назад”, “в прошлом году”, “два месяца назад”.
Dates: July 06, 08

Week 2. Travel plans. At a bus stop
You can discuss where to go with other people using the verbs пойти поехать, and such phrases as “через неделю”, “в следующем году”, “в декабре”.
You can ask for basic information about transportation.
Dates: July 13, 15

Week 3. Must-see destinations. Asking for directions
You can give recommendations to people visiting your country/city using the phrases “Вам надо”, “Вам лучше”.
You can ask for and give directions using a map and the adverbs здесь – сюда, там – туда, слева – налево, справа – направо.
Dates: July 20, 22

Week 4. A perfect school lunch. My first job
You can design an ideal menu for a school lunch using the Instrumental case.
You can describe your first job using the Instrumental case with the verbs работать, быть, стать.
Dates: July 27, 29


1 week – 48 EUR/week
4 weeks at once – 45 EUR/week



4 weeks – 8 online classes, 90 minutes each (2 classes per week)
TUE & THU, 10:00-11:30 MSK

Week 1. My character and my job. The reasons I love my job
You can describe your character using the verbs заниматься, интересоваться.
You can describe what you do at work using the verbs of imperfective and perfective aspects.
Dates: August 03, 05

Week 2. Good and bad stress at the workplace. The holidays we celebrate
You can ask and answer questions about likes and dislikes at work. You can explain why you like or dislike something.
You can describe what you did on your holiday, and ask questions about an event in the past using the dates (двадцать пятого декабря”, “Восьмого марта”, etc).
Dates: August 10, 12

Week 3. Family traditions. Must-buy souvenirs
You can describe personal experiences using Dative case with the verbs звонить/позвонить, дарить/подарить, посылать/послать, etc.
You can ask for and give advice using pronouns in Dative case.
Dates: August 17, 19

Week 4. At a souvenir shop. What’s happened?
You can communicate in a shop (asking for a familiar object, price, size, colour, etc).
You can say what is hurting, and explain why.
Dates: August 24, 26


1 week – 48 EUR/week
4 weeks at once – 45 EUR/week



  • Access (Part 1): 1 week – 69/65 EUR / (Part 2/3): 1 week – 48/45 EUR

  • Level: A1+

  • Dates (Part 1):  from 07.06 until 02.07.2021 / from 05.07 until 30.07.2021 / from 02.08 until 27.08.2021

  • Dates (Part 2): from 06.07 until 29.07.2021

  • Dates (Part 3): from 03.08 until 26.08.2021

  • Timetable (Part 1): Monday & Wednesday & Friday 10:00-11:30 Moscow time (6 academic hours/week)

  • Timetable (Part 2/3): Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-11:30 Moscow time (4 academic hours/week)

  • Teacher: Дарья Котельникова

I liked how the course was conversation focused and allowed each student to speak and participate while learning conversational Russian.
Nina Potter, USA

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