Practical Phonetics training / Практический курс по фонетике

Get a Russian accent in 2 months! / Заговори как русский за 2 месяца!

If you want to sound like a native Russian speaker, then this course is for You!

Within this course, you will:

  • learn to pronounce Russian words correctly, without a foreign accent;
  • learn the nuances of the Russian intonation;
  • learn different Russian proverbs and tongue twisters.

8 weeks – 16 online classes, 90 minutes each (2 classes per week)
TUE & THU, 15:00-16:30 or 20:00-21:30 MSK

We use the video conference platform ZOOM. Every participant can speak and listen to each other.

Teacher: Irina Rakova
Irina started teaching in 2002. Irina had been teaching in CIEE in St. Petersburg for 8 years. She has worked with students from Princeton University, Arizona State University, Duke University, Dartmouth College, University of Hamburg. She has been running the Summer Russian language program for Princeton students for 7 years.


1st week (March 02, 04) – Why do we see something in a text, but hear something else? How do I address and greet in Russian?
2nd week (March 09, 11) – Why is it difficult to listen to the words like “завтра”, “поезд”, “здравствуйте”, “дождь”? How do I ask in Russian in order to be understood?
3rd week (March 16, 18) – Is there a difference between the words “ест” and “eсть”, “кон” and “конь”? How can I demand and express my irritation in Russian?
4th week (March 23, 25) – What is the difference between “поставить в угол” and “поставить в уголь”, “горка” and “горька”? How can I express my admiration and surprise in Russian?
5th week (March 30, April 01) – How to pronounce: “Поезжай попозже с женой и с Женей”? How to attract the attention of the other person in Russian?
6th week (April 06, 08) – How to pronounce «детство», «родственник», «богатство», «советский», «любопытство». How to understand what your interlocutor wants (they either ask, or wonder, or intrigue)?
7th week (April 13, 15) – How to pronounce «с честью», «с чувством», «мужчина», «счастливый», «исчезнуть»? How to express rejection, irony, sarcasm in Russian?
8th week (April 20, 22) – What is the difference in pronunciation of the combinations «он сел» – «он съел», «он пьёт» – «он поёт», «едем к Ире» – «едем к Кире»? How does intonation help to express different meanings?


1-2 weeks – 48 EUR/week
3-8 weeks – 45 EUR/week


  • Access: 1 week – 48/45 EUR

  • Level: from A2-B1

  • Dates: from 02.03 until 22.04.2021

  • Timetable: Tuesday & Thursday
    15:00-16:30 or 20:00-21:30 Moscow time (4 academic hours/week)

  • Teacher: Ирина Ракова

I really enjoyed the courses with Irina – this has been an amazing experience and I really took pleasure in attending. I have been doing many language courses in my life, not only in Russian, and can safely state that the commitment and hard work of Irina are unmatched.

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