Reading and Listening special course

You will learn how to read an unknown text (either a fairy tale or a newspaper article) without using a dictionary. You will be able to get the main idea of the text and retell it. You will also improve your oral fluency and learn new vocabulary.

4 online classes, 90 minutes each (1 class per week)
TUESDAY, 15:00-16:30 or 20:00-21:30 MSK

We use the video conference platform ZOOM. Every participant can speak and listen to each other.


Lesson 1. 02.03.2021
During the lesson, you will read and listen to the fairy tales with the world’s famous plots; talk about culture and traditions; learn some new vocabulary; and in the end, you will be able to retell a fairy tale by yourself.

Lesson 2. 09.03.2021
During the lesson, you will read the adapted texts from the Russian literature; learn some new vocabulary; talk about the bright characters of the heroes.

Lesson 3. 16.03.2021
During the lesson, you will read and listen to the texts about the Russian history; learn some new vocabulary; talk about the role of the main characters in the history of Russia.

Lesson 4. 23.03.2021
During the lesson, you will read and listen to the news of culture, politics, economics; learn some new vocabulary; discuss and express your opinion on the news.

Teacher: Анна Ленуар


4 classes – 64 EUR
1 class – 18 EUR


  • Access: 4 classes (4 weeks) – 64 EUR, or 18 EUR each class (1 week)

  • Level: from A2-B1

  • Dates: 02.03, 09.03, 16.03, 23.03.2021

  • Timetable: Tuesday 15:00-16:30 or 20:00-21:30 Moscow time (2 academic hours/week)

  • Teacher: Анна Ленуар

Anna is such a fantastic teacher!!! She is very kind and understanding, and would not stop our lesson until I understood everything, which I really really appreciated. By the end of the course, we were having such sophisticated conversations in Russian that I never thought I could be capable of having!

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