This course is for you if you already speak Russian at basic level (A2) and would like to continue mastering grammar and enriching vocabulary to communicate more fluently. As the final result you will smoothly pass to intermediate level (B1) or reinforce it in case you already have some knowledge at this level.

Within this course you will learn to:

  • correctly use adjectives and adverbs (+ their comparative forms); comparison verbs in describing a person’s appearance, talking about their country, the characteristics and trends of modern development of society;
  • correctly use in speech the verbs стоять – ставить/поставить, сидеть – сажать/посадить, лежать – класть/положить, висеть – вешать/повесить;
  • use some cases that require these verbs after themselves;
  • be able to describe and compare people, countries; talk about your house: how it works, how to rearrange it, put things in order; to talk about habits and traditions in your family and in the country as a whole.

Level: B1 (Module 1)

4 weeks – 8 online classes, 90 minutes each (2 classes per week)
TUE & THU, 09:30-11:00 or 21:30-23:00 MSK

We use the video conference platform ZOOM. Every participant can speak and listen to each other.


Week 1. Adjectives in all cases and adverbs:
– Мой отец высокого роста, поэтому у него сутулая фигура.
– Он любит читать вечернюю газету.
– В Санкт-Петербурге обычно очень влажно, поэтому здесь трудно жить людям, которые любят сухой и жаркий климат.
Dates: February 09, 11

Week 2. Comparative form of adjectives and adverbs. Comparison verbs:
– Мой отец намного выше матери, но на 5 сантиметров ниже своего брата.
– Жить в Москве гораздо дороже, чем в Санкт-Петербурге.
– Уровень образования в мире понижается, а уровень медицинского обслуживания, наоборот, повышается.
Dates: February 16, 18

Week 3. Superlative degree of adjectives and adverbs. Static verbs. Case forms with place meaning:
– Мой отец – жаворонок, он встаёт раньше всех в семье.
– Больше всего я люблю ездить в Грецию. Там богатейшая культура и чистейшие пляжи.
– Над кроватью между бра у меня висит великолепная картина.
Dates: February 23, 25

Week 4. Dynamic verbs:
Олечка, какой у тебя беспорядок! Вся одежда валяется на полу. Повесь, пожалуйста, её в шкаф. Скоро придут гости.
Dates: March 02, 04


1 week – 48 EUR/week
4 weeks at once – 45 EUR/week



  • Access: 1 week – 48/45 EUR

  • Level: from B1

  • Dates: from 09.02 until 04.03.2021 (Part 1); from 09.03 until 01.04.2021 (Part 2)

  • Timetable: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-11:00 or 21:30-23:00 Moscow time (4 academic hours/week)

  • Teacher: Анна Ленуар

Anna is such a fantastic teacher!!! She is very kind and understanding, and would not stop our lesson until I understood everything, which I really really appreciated. By the end of the course, we were having such sophisticated conversations in Russian that I never thought I could be capable of having!

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