Курс разговорной практики «Актуальный разговор о России» (для уровней B2-C2)

Говорим о современной России. СМИ, социальная ситуация, образование, духовная жизнь…
Обсуждаем актуальные вопросы по четвергам!

На уроках Вы будете:

  • читать статьи и смотреть видеосюжеты;
  • анализировать информацию и дискутировать на заявленные темы;
  • учить новые слова и синтаксические конструкции;
  • учиться выражать свое мнение к проблеме по-разному.

3 online classes, 90 minutes each
WEDNESDAY, 20:00-21:30 MSK

We use the video conference platform ZOOM. Every participant can speak and listen to each other.

Teacher: Irina Rakova
Irina started teaching in 2002. Irina had been teaching in CIEE in St. Petersburg for 8 years. She has worked with students from Princeton University, Arizona State University, Duke University, Dartmouth College, University of Hamburg. She has been running the Summer Russian language program for Princeton students for 7 years.

Память и памятники.

– Нужно ли помнить свою историю?
– Лексическая тема глагола «помнить»
– Советский союз в современном сознании

Феминизм: пережиток прошлого или вопрос будущего.

– Равноправие мужчин и женщин. Отношение россиян к идее равноправия.
– Феминизм в России.
– Женщины в политике
– Глаголы «руководить-править-управлять»

Трудно ли найти работу молодому специалисту?

– Лексика на тему «работа»
– Дискуссия: что лучше: опыт или диплом?
– Группа глагола «работать»

3 classes – 6600 Rub (2200 Rub/class)
1 class – 2400 Rub

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  • Access: 3 classes – 6600 RUB, or 2400 RUB each class (1 week)

  • Level: B2+

  • Dates: 12.06, 19.06, 26.06.2024

  • Timetable: Wednesday 20:00-21:30 Moscow time

  • Teacher: Ирина Ракова

I really enjoyed the courses with Irina – this has been an amazing experience and I really took pleasure in attending. I have been doing many language courses in my life, not only in Russian, and can safely state that the commitment and hard work of Irina are unmatched.
Нello, my name is Christos Germanidis and I am from Greece. Some months ago I decided to try the online lessons offered by the Derzhavin Institute and specifically the Topical Conversation about Russia theme. I immediately knew that I had found what I was looking for. The lessons which take place once a week are not for beginners, you must have some command of the language (level B1 and up, preferably B2) but it is the ideal course to improve your existing knowledge. The topics are social, political and cultural issues of today’s Russia and they are carefully selected and presented by the teacher Mrs Irina. The participant will have the opportunity to exercise his or her oral skills, learn new vocabulary, interact with other students and read texts and watch videos containing the language as it is spoken in Russia by the local residents in everyday life or formally in television shows, interviews etc. The teacher presents everything in an understandable and friendly manner and makes sure that everyone participates and has the opportunity to speak. I really think that if you already have a knowledge of the language and wish to improve in a relaxed and friendly setting you should definitely try this course as it may very well be for you. Stop looking and book a lesson now! Я правду говорю, верь в эти вещи!


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