Learn Russian online under the guidance of professional teachers! Be the captain that takes charge of your own educational ambitions – classes can be personalised as a wide range of online programs that differ in content (Standard courses, Grammar classes, Speaking classes, or Linguistic/Cultural special courses), schedule (morning, evening, weekend courses) and class size (individual lessons or group courses) is available.

Advantages of the programs:

  • Study at an accredited St. Petersburg language school with high academic standards.
  • Get an official certificate to enhance your résumé.
  • Join us to study with students at the same language level as yourself (beginner – advanced) any week.
  • Enjoyable e-learning process at the comfort of your home.

You are welcome to sign up for an online program that caters to your learning needs and fits your schedule. Contact us at to receive a FREE consultation or placement test!
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This course is designed to suit the particular needs and requirements of individual students. Every student chooses their own course schedule, course content (it can either correspond to the Standard course program, or cover any topics/aspects specified by the student), and a number of lessons per week.

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Look at the monument of Peter I, walk around St. Petersburg, plunge into the era of Pushkin: all this and even more you can do on our online/offline excursions that take place every Saturday.
Separately, the cost of one online excursion is 7 EUR, offline excursion from 1400 RUB.

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I highly recommend this course. Instructor more than amazing.
Mohamed Barakat, February 2021
Intensive course for beginners



I really enjoy the lessons with Anna, every time I book a course with your institute I progress a lot in no time! That’s very satisfying!!
Mélodie, France, March 2021
Step to fluence



The reading & listening course was the most useful for me. I learned a lot of new vocabulary by using context to figure out its meaning. The comprehension and discussion questions that Anna helped to guide us through the reading while also checking our understanding of the text. I found this style to be very effective. And finally, I think that the fairytale, the short story by Chekov, and the video on Khrushchev were excellent choices and provided some cultural insight as well.
Nancy Pellegrino. July 2021
Reading and listening


Practical phonetics training was very helpful, because in language learning, it is very rare that we get the opportunity to study phonetics in depth. Therefore, having the opportunity to do so in class was very nice.
Stephen Bridges, USA. July 2021
Practical phonetics training


Grammar with Professor Kolesnik was extremely useful.I have a better understanding of Russian grammar and I am continuing to improve.
William Soltesz, USA. June 2021
Grammar made easy



I hadn’t spoken Russian for years, so my speaking and comprehension were very rusty. Larisa made it easy to understand her and the language of the poems, and gave us all opportunities to express our opinions and improve our spoken Russian, while increasing appreciation of the poems far beyond what I could achieve on my own.
Cheryl Boone-Delgado, USA. September 2020
Reading Russian Poetry of the XX century


I learned a lot about Russian poetry in this course, I will definitely take the next literature course, too!
Markgraf Henning, Germany. September 2020
Reading Russian Poetry of the XX century



Мне очень нравиться практиковаться с разными буквами каждый раз, обычно заканчивая песней и идиомами. Я уже замечаю разницу, когда читаю и говорю по-русски, и больше не делаю ошибок произношения, которые делал раньше!
Francesco Molluzzo, Italy. December 2020
Practical Phonetics training


I found my level of Russian dramatically increased as soon as I was taking the lessons – the combination of cultural and political discussion with specific grammar learning was very helpful to reboot my previous skills and help me move towards a higher level of language. I also loved the lessons – they were a lot of fun!
Hebe Foster, UK. January 2021

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