Packing List for Travel to Russia -2

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in Russian!

Any season you will need





The rain is usual in Saint Petersburg at any season. You will need an umbrella for sure!


Вечернее платье, костюм.

Clothes to go to Mariinsky Theatre



Summer Лето 

For summer in Saint-Petersburg you will need your usual summer clothes plus a warm sweater and/or a light jacket for evenings. The hot summer season is quite short in Saint-Petersburg (usually July only).


Летняя одежда

Summer clothes



Better if they would be water proof

Теплые вещи

Warm clothes



Autumn and spring are rather cold in Saint-Petersburg. Even if you are going to us in September, it`s better to take warm clothes and a scarf.

Теплые вещи

Шапка и шарф!

Warm clothes

Cap and scarf!

Теплые не промокаемые ботинки

Water proof warm shoes!

Теплая куртка

Warm jacket



Winter in Saint-Petersburg could be cold, but could be rainy and warm. In any case, don`t forget warm waterproof shoes, gloves, scarf, cap and thermal underwear- the wind is a very frequent guest in our city.

Зимняя куртка

Winter jacket

Теплые шапка и шарф

Warm cap and scarp

Зимние не промокающие ботинки

Water proof winter shoes!

Теплая одежда

Warm clothes