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"Гид-переводчик: быть или не быть (достоинства, недостатки и особенности профессии)".
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Named after the merchants and businessmen who flourished in the Soviet Union during the NEP (New Economic Policy) period, Нэпмэн provides a modern take on traditional Russian food. If you love soup, pelmeni, shashlik, and all the other Russian favourites, you find tasty versions of all of them here. At the same time you can also find a couple of stranger, less common dishes on the menu. Don`t be afraid, for example, to order the grilled toast with mozzarella, nuts and honey. It`s actually quite nice.
If you are in anyway interested in Soviet propaganda then there`s another reason for you to visit Нэпмэн, as its decor heavily features Soviet temperance posters (just say нет!). No need to worry if you do like to drink however; the posters aren`t taken too seriously, it is a restaurant bar after all.

Ligovsky Ave, 57, St Petersburg, 191040

Amsterdam Chips Company
Whilst there are many British stereotypes that I don`t conform to, I am a fan of chips. No, I don`t mean fries (although I also like them), I mean real thick-cut British chip shop chips. The thought that I could ever hope to find proper chips in Russia never even entered my mind; even if I had know that a shop selling them existed in the city I wouldn`t have expected it to be run by a Dutch company. Nevertheless I found them. Perhaps others from Britain might take offence at the Amsterdam Chips Company`s claim to make the best chips in Europe, but for me there was little to argue with; they really were some of the best chips I`ve ever had. In portions ranging from meal size to "about-the-size-of-a-small-child" size, and with a variety of sauces available on request, the Amsterdam Chips Company is just the place to halt hunger in a hurry.

Nevsky Prospect, 63, St Petersburg, 191025

"But what if I`m fed up of European food? What if I`ve eaten all I can eat of Russian cusine?" I hear you cry, "What if I want to eat rice in place of potato, sushi instead of soup?!". Well then Ярумэн is the place for you. Home to some seriously tasty Japanese food and authentic imported drinks, and located not far from St Isaac`s Cathedral, this small but stylish restaurant is the perfect place to take your taste buds on holiday.
If you`re a fan of ice cream it`s also worth mentioning that they sell two flavours of ice cream here that you`re unlikely to find in other places in the city, green tea and black sesame.

Malaya Morskaya ul., 9, St Petersburg, 191186

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