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Our weekly social activity program, which is offered for students studying Russian language at Derzhavin Institute, has something for all students of all ages and everyone can find something to her or his taste. These social activities include:

  • visits to the most popular museums,
  • tours in and around St. Petersburg,
  • craft and creativity lessons,
  • lectures on Russian language and culture,
  • quests and parties.

Taking the students out of the classroom, these activities enable them to practice Russian language in social settings and real-life situations and gain an in-depth understanding of Russian language through national traditions, history and culture.

Please find below our social program for this month.

  • Mondays – information days with get-to-know activities for new students
  • Tuesdays – activities that help students learn more about Russian culture (usually free of charge)
  • Wednesdays & Thursdays – days of the main sights of the city
  • Fridays – days of informal activities and special-interest tours
  • Saturdays – days of distant trips to suburbs and towns nearby St. Petersburg
  • Usually, the programme is made on a monthly basis and is announced and published at the end of the month.
  • On the first day of classes, new students receive a Welcome pack (a folder with important information), including a list of social activities for the coming week with dates, time, meeting points and prices, if any.
  • Then each Monday our social programme coordinator gives all the students in the school a programme for the coming week.

If you are coming the same month and have already chosen the activities from the programme below, you can contact us asking to book any of them.

Please note that the final confirmation though is only given in the school as some trips could be cancelled or postponed.


You can pay in the school to our social programme coordinator in roubles in cash. Unfortunately no pre-payment and no credit cards are accepted.

Language Tandem Project

Dear foreign friends,

Tired of studying grammar in the class? Eager to practice your language skills in a relaxed atmosphere?

Our Language tandem project is the best choice for you.

Tandem language learning is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange between tandem partners. In a language-tandem, two students with different native languages communicate together as a pair in order to learn each other’s languages and to learn more about the other person and his or her culture. There is no schedule or strict rules. You can meet whenever and wherever you want, you can talk about books you have read or films you have watched, food you like, countries you’ve visited. The main objective is to speak both languages so that both partners can practice their language skills.

During your stay at the Institute you can fill in the form in the hall to find your Russian language friend. If You would like us to provide our Russian students with your contact information after your departure, please fill in an electronic form following this link:

You can also correct information about you or delete your contact phone number from the list at any time.

In case of any questions please ask our social program coordinator Maria Karepanova:


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