Derzhavin Institute is happy to announce special accommodation and course package rates for in-person study for those travelling to St. Petersburg in September – December 2021

You can choose between 1 or 8 weeks

1 week Each additional week (up to 8 weeks)
398 Eur – single studio accommodation 348 Eur
348 Eur – twin studio accommodation* 298 Eur

*Twin studio option is available for booking only for two students who are travelling together

📩 Visa support letter
📋 Written and oral placement test
👫 20 hours/week of the General Russian group course
🏢 Accommodation at the students’ residence (single studio / twin studio)
✏ Welcome information pack (incl. stationery)
💳 Student ID card
📙 First course book
📜 Certificate on course completion
📸 Free social activities at school: craft lessons, song lessons, watching films, lectures on the Russian culture, etc.
🌐 Free unlimited internet access, Wi-Fi

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You can join the course every Monday**
**Beginners start on fixed dates
START DATES FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS: September 06th; October 04th; November 01st; November 29th

Promo code for the special package rates

To book the course and accommodation at the reduced price, please choose the options “SPECIAL AUTUMN OFFEER” in the booking form:

This special offer is valid from September 04th, 2021 until December 25, 2021.

This special offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or promo codes.

Read more about this offer here:



I highly recommend this course. Instructor more than amazing, Mohamed Barakat, February 2021.
Intensive course for beginners

I liked how the course was conversation focused and allowed each student to speak and participate while learning conversational Russian.
Nina Potter, USA.
Intensive course for beginners

A very well organized course, wonderful teacher (and staff) and “easy” course even for someone who doesn’t speak Russian well. A “Must” in Russian learning.
Caterina Lenzi, Italy.
Reading Russian Poetry of the XIX century

I hadn’t spoken Russian for years, so my speaking and comprehension were very rusty. Larisa made it easy to understand her and the language of the poems, and gave us all opportunities to express our opinions and improve our spoken Russian, while increasing appreciation of the poems far beyond what I could achieve on my own.
Cheryl Boone-Delgado, US, September 2020.
Reading Russian Poetry of the XX century

I learned a lot about Russian poetry in this course, I will definitely take the next literature course, too! Markgraf Henning, Germany, September 2020.
Reading Russian Poetry of the XX century

I liked how in this grammar class we not only learned grammar, but practiced using it in context either by using them in stories, playing games, or talking with our peers. The homework and quizzes were manageable. I also really liked the topics we covered. I feel like we went over all the hardest grammar topics I struggled with in Russian. Nicole Gounatnis, USA, July , 2020.
Grammar made easy

Мне очень нравиться практиковаться с разными буквами каждый раз, обычно заканчивая песней и идиомами. Я уже замечаю разницу, когда читаю и говорю по-русски, и больше не делаю ошибок произношения, которые делал раньше!
Francesco Molluzzo, Italy, December 2020.
Practical Phonetics training

Нello, my name is Christos Germanidis and I am from Greece. Some months ago I decided to try the online lessons offered by the Derzhavin Institute and specifically the Topical Conversation about Russia theme. I immediately knew that I had found what I was looking for. The lessons which take place once a week are not for beginners, you must have some command of the language (level B1 and up, preferably B2) but it is the ideal course to improve your existing knowledge. The topics are social, political and cultural issues of today’s Russia and they are carefully selected and presented by the teacher Mrs Irina. The participant will have the opportunity to exercise his or her oral skills, learn new vocabulary, interact with other students and read texts and watch videos containing the language as it is spoken in Russia by the local residents in everyday life or formally in television shows, interviews etc. The teacher presents everything in an understandable and friendly manner and makes sure that everyone participates and has the opportunity to speak. I really think that if you already have a knowledge of the language and wish to improve in a relaxed and friendly setting you should definitely try this course as it may very well be for you. Stop looking and book a lesson now! Я правду говорю, верь в эти вещи!
Christos Germanidis, Greece, March 2021.
Topical Conversation about Russia

I found the online courses to be very helpful and even more effective than in-classroom courses that I have taken at other institutions.
Michael Thrift , USA, December 2020.

I found my level of Russian dramatically increased as soon as I was taking the lessons – the combination of cultural and political discussion with specific grammar learning was very helpful to reboot my previous skills and help me move towards a higher level of language. I also loved the lessons – they were a lot of fun!
Hebe Foster, UK, January 2021.


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