27.11.2019 16:32

С днём рождения, Дед Мороз!

November 18th is an important day in russian culture. On this day in Russia they celebrate Ded Moroz’s birthday.
But who is Ded Moroz? Let’s talk about him!

10.10.2019 16:04

Every year on August 22, Russia celebrates the Russian Federation State Flag Day, established on August 20, 1994. On this day Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the Presidential Decree No. 1714, stating that the flag day should be celebrated on August 22, in honor of the restoration of the historical flag of Russia during the August events of 1991.

09.08.2019 20:57

This Sunday July 28, 2019 Russia will celebrate Navy Day, an official holiday celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July to honor the service of all Russian Navy heroes, veterans and active personnel.
Magnificent commemorative naval parades, demonstrations and simulated marine operations are held at naval bases all over the country, but the biggest event is happening here, in Saint Petersburg! But before I tell you all about it, here are some interesting facts about the history of this important holiday you might want to know in advance!

09.08.2019 20:36

Nowadays, Christianity is the major religion of the Russian Federation and on July 28 every year Russia celebrates the anniversary of a fundamental landmark in its history: the Baptism of Rus (Крещение Руси). It refers to the Christianization of Kievan Rus, conventionally set in the year 988, when Vladimir the Great was baptized in Chersonesus and proceeded to baptize his family and people in Kiev.

09.08.2019 15:29

One of the cutest holidays of the year, the International Cat Day takes place every year on August 8.  It should come as no surprise Russians celebrate this occasion, as they are among the biggest cat lovers in the world! In fact, according to a Dalia Research survey, 59% of the Russian respondents declared to have at least one cat. Keep reading to find out where you are most likely to meet one of these lovely furry inhabitants of Saint Petersburg!

03.04.2019 15:53
Have you ever wondered where Russian language came from? Have you ever looked at its strange, unfamiliar words and its strange, unfamiliar letters and thought, “why is Russian so weird?”. In this three part blog series we’ll be trying to answer exactly that question by looking at the origins of spoken Russian and its writing system and how they have both changed and been reformed over time.
In this, the first of our three part blog series, we’ll be looking at how Russians spoke before Russian existed and how writing first appeared in the lands that now make up western Russia.

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