14.08.2019 15:54

If you`re going to be studying in Derzhavin for a while, let`s say more than a month, you might be considering a trip to Moscow for a change of scenery…

14.08.2019 15:10

Whether your aim is to sound like a native of St Petersburg or the opposite – to keep your Russian clear and region neutral – here are some words you should know about…

13.08.2019 15:05

Similar to other countries with such long histories, the Russian government has undergone various complete transformations. From early Rus, to the time of the Tsars, to a revolution that birthed the Soviet Union and finally the restructuring into a democratic Russian Federation. The mark of any democracy is the establishment of a free and competitive election process. That is what makes 18 March 2018 a day of significance, the Russian Federation Presidential elections.

13.08.2019 14:47

Forget your 300 rouble lattes or mochas – a time café can offer you much more for your money! Read on to find what exactly a ‘time café’ is, where the idea came from, and where to find such places in Saint Petersburg!

21.08.2018 15:58

When people first think about Russia, chances are their minds are first filled with images of Red Square, the Kremlin and the colorful tops of St. Basil`s Cathedral. Moscow, the heart and capital of Russia, can be recognized throughout the world. However, only in recent history has Moscow held the title of “capital,” and even then, one of Russia`s other great and well-known cities took its place.

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