12.08.2019 16:09

Looking for a more unusual way to practice your Russian skills? Why not try a quest?

10.08.2019 23:21

Hear ye, hear ye! Good Ladies and gentle Sirs, it is time to raise your standards, don your finest garb, and head to the lists to enjoy that most regal of spectacles, ye olde medieval tournament!

09.08.2019 22:21

Whether it’s a quick friendly peck or a long passionate smooch, International Kissing Day is the perfect excuse to grab your loved ones and show them some love. There is a million different ways to deliver a kiss to those you care about, and on the 6th of July you can celebrate them all! Keep reading and to find out which are the 5 most romantic spots in Saint Petersburg to take your special someone and pucker up!

09.08.2019 22:17

Stereoleto Music Festival is a symbol of the city of Saint Petersburg and one of the most anticipated music events of the summer. Now in its 18thedition, Stereoleto Music Festival 2019 awaits all music lovers in Saint Petersburg for two unforgettable days of amazing music, lots of singing, dancing and fun!

09.08.2019 21:58

World Chocolate Day is observed on July 11 in Russia, famous for its fine chocolate all around the world. If you want to celebrate the sweetest day of the year buying some Russian chocolate, keep reading to find out how to choose the right kind for you and where to find it in Saint Petersburg!

09.08.2019 21:04

Besides being one of the biggest and most awaited music festivals of the summer, the VK Festival is also a perfect opportunity to explore Russian pop culture and watch the most famous bloggers, influencers, stars and entertainers in the country performing live. Don’t miss it on July 20 and 21 in St. Petersburg!

09.08.2019 20:57

This Sunday July 28, 2019 Russia will celebrate Navy Day, an official holiday celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July to honor the service of all Russian Navy heroes, veterans and active personnel.
Magnificent commemorative naval parades, demonstrations and simulated marine operations are held at naval bases all over the country, but the biggest event is happening here, in Saint Petersburg! But before I tell you all about it, here are some interesting facts about the history of this important holiday you might want to know in advance!

09.08.2019 15:39

So… you’re spending some time in Saint Petersburg, you didn’t know today was the International Friendship Day and now you have no idea where to take your best friends for a special afternoon? Don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll find the answer to all your problems in this article!

09.08.2019 15:29

One of the cutest holidays of the year, the International Cat Day takes place every year on August 8.  It should come as no surprise Russians celebrate this occasion, as they are among the biggest cat lovers in the world! In fact, according to a Dalia Research survey, 59% of the Russian respondents declared to have at least one cat. Keep reading to find out where you are most likely to meet one of these lovely furry inhabitants of Saint Petersburg!

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