The advantages of e-learning during this Covid-19 pandemic

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The advantages of e-learning during this Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 has put a spanner in the works for most of us and essentially forced our lives into confinement.

The unfortunate result of this pandemic is dwindling productivity as well as a creative brain drain. What better way to combat this by picking up a new hobby?

Whats best hobby you ask? Pick up a new language!

The added benefit: Getting immersed in the tradition and culture of the chosen language and add that country to your bucket list!

The advantages of e-learning during this Covid-19 pandemic

E-learning is a lifesaver during this pandemic:

Although many people are still skeptical of e-learning, we cannot ignore the utility of this privilege during this trying time. As more individuals in Russia fall victim to the virus, the imminent threat of a second wave of covid infections remain very real. Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind with regards to the viability of e-learning to keep our days at home productive.

It enables individuals from all walks of life to learn in the comfort of their home, as social distancing is ideal in this pandemic.

It is an effective mode of learning as it does not take away the credibility of education.

Doing away with public transport is a bonus for environmentally conscious individuals as this may serve as their contribution to the environment. E-learning programs consume 90% less power and generates CO2 emissions that are 85% lower as compared to traditional campus-based lessons!

For a long time, e-learning has been perceived as a supernumerary in contrast to traditional campus-based lessons, as they have been a long preferred choice. As a result of the pandemic, users have begun to warm up to it’s scalability and overall success. An uptick of users utilising e-learning resources is proof that there has been an increased appreciation, application and curiosity amongst individuals and groups globally!

Some useful sites and resources for e-learning:

1. Derzhavin :

2. Edx :

3. Coursera :

4. Lynda :

5. Udemy :

6. Alison :

7. Khan Academy :

8. Open Culture :

9. Duolingo :

10. YouTube :

Have fun learning!

Author: Arissa Vikander