14.08.2019 16:12

This weekend was the first of many that I will be spending in Saint Petersburg during my three month stay at the Derzhavin institute. Due to the torrential rain which had been assailing the city all week, I had less of a chance than I would have liked for sightseeing. With relatively good weather forecast for the weekend I was determined to make up for lost time….

13.08.2019 14:54

There’s no denying it – the weather in St. Petersburg is….challenging (to put it lightly). If you’ve come (or are planning to come) to Derzhavin Institute in Saint Petersburg to study, you’ll need to start thinking about how to survive the cold winter months in the city. The temperatures can drop to as low as minus 30 degrees celsius, and snow can start to fall as early as October (in 2016, the first snowfall happened on October 26th). Therefore, we recommend getting acquainted with some winter vocabulary and stocking up on winter clothing in advance!

13.08.2019 14:51

Although remembering idioms is not always that easy, you cannot deny that idioms are one of the more interesting parts of learning a new language. We have collected for you some of the more unusual idioms and idiomatic phrases, as well as trivia related to each of them. Enjoy!

12.08.2019 21:47
While you’ll certainly learn a lot of Russian in class, it’s even more important to practice and build on what you learn outside of class. Whether you’re thinking about coming to Russia, studying here now, or already back home, there are countless ways to improve your Russian with the help of the single greatest foreign language learning tool ever invented: the internet. 
In this series, we’ll help you sort through some of the best resources available for Russian language learners and give you some tips for how to make the most of them so that the time you spend studying Russian is as efficient and as enjoyable as possible. 
In this first post of the series, we’ll introduce you to three resources that will allow you to 1) learn to type quickly in Russian, 2) look up any grammatical form of any Russian word, and 3) quickly translate any word on any website in Russian and make flashcards of new vocabulary. 

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